Former Miss Malaysia Finally Divorced Malaysian Tycoon!

Many clients will be curious to know about the divorce legal fees Singapore. How much can it go up to? What is the cheapest way to have a divorce in Singapore?

One of the most expensive divorce cases in history is finally over. A family judge in Britain granted the decree nisi for former Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai and her Malaysia tycoon husband Khoo Kay Peng.

Divorce legal fees

The couple reportedly racked up 6 million pounds in legal fees.

Dispute on jurisdiction

Chai had wanted the divorced to be decided in the United Kingdom where she stood to receive 50% of the assets of her ex-husband. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, tried to have the divorce decided in Malaysia where Chai would have received much less.

The now divorced couple were married for 43 years when Chai filed for divorce in Britain on 14 February 2013. The couple have 5 children.

Chai had requested for 85,000 pounds a month from her ex-husband and an additional sum of 135,000 pounds for her first-class flights and stays at 5-star hotels.

Media attention

The battle to have the case heard in 1 of the 2 jurisdictions and the potential sum of settlement drew international media attention to the case.

See: “Ex-beauty queen’s divorce battle ends”, The Straits Times, 2A8 January 2017

Divorce legal fees Singapore

Divorce need not bankrupt you. Divorce legal fees Singapore can be reasonable, especially if your divorce is uncontested with all terms agreed.

Even if you do not agree on all terms with your spouse, divorce legal fees Singapore can be kept low if all matters are resolved by the mediation stage.

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