Man Charged with Murder of Wife and Child

When a person suffers abuse at the hands of his/ her spouse, he/ she is able to make an application for PPO Singapore. If one does nothing about family violence Singapore, things may get out of hand.

It was reported that a 41-year-old man was charged with the murder of his wife.

The alleged murder

Madam Choong Pei Shan was found dead with her 4-year-old child Teo Zi Ning. She was reportedly pregnant. Madam Choong and her daughter were close and inseparable. She would regularly post pictures of her daughter on Facebook.

Police received a call for help at about 6:30pm on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. The attending officers found the bodies of Madam Choong and her daughter in their flat at Woodlands Drive 52. By 11pm, police took Teo Ghim Heng, Madam Choong’s husband away in handcuffs.

Appeared normal

Teo was a property agent. Neighbours who were interviewed found the couple normal. Madam Choong would wait for her husband to return home every evening. They would drive Zi Ning to pre-school in the mornings.

According neighbour Muhd Hilmi Deres, the family mostly kept to itself and seldom had visitors.

Another neighbor, Mrs Yeo, described Madam Choong as “polite”. She frequently saw the mother and daughter walking together.

See: Zaihan Mohamed Yusof, “Mum and daughter found dead in bedroom”, The Straits Times, 30 January 2017

PPO Singapore

It is sad to read about such cases. Sometimes, one wonder if preventive steps could have been taken. A family member who has been abused can make an application for PPO Singapore.

While PPO Singapore may not solve the problem of family violence Singapore entirely, it is hoped that the perpetrator will at least be deterred.

Contact us today to find out more about the range of protection orders that the Family Justice Courts can make.

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