Divorce with Foreign Spouse in Singapore

With more and more Singaporeans marrying foreigners, I regularly meet clients who ask me about getting a divorce with foreign spouse in Singapore. There are many issues that can crop up. Divorce with foreign spouse in Singapore Issue 1: Will the child relocate with the foreign spouse after the divorce? Maybe or maybe not, depending … Read more

Penalty for Fake Marriage in Singapore

Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, a marriage of convenience Singapore is void. See: Section 11A of Women’s Charter Singapore (Avoidance of marriages of convenience) An example of a marriage of convenience Singapore is one where one party got married to assist the other party to remain in Singapore and this party receives an inducement or … Read more

PR Status of Foreigners in Singapore after Divorce

Many Singaporeans are now married to foreigners. Some of these foreigners are PRs in Singapore while others are on a long term visit pass. What will happen to the PR status of foreigners in Singapore after divorce? American woman offered US citizenship through marriage Recently, it was reported that an American woman invited bids for … Read more

Preventing Parental Child Abduction Singapore

What can be done to prevent parental child abduction Singapore? At the Family Justice Courts work plan seminar held on 20 February 2017, Judicial Commissioner Valerie Thean said the Family Justice Courts would be exploring “stop order legislation” with the various ministries and agencies in 2017. 4 in 10 divorce cases in Singapore last year … Read more

Runaway Bride in China- Divorce Foreign Spouse Singapore

How do you divorce foreign spouse Singapore? Duan, from Xianyang, Shaanxi province, had married a young bride from Laos. To do so, he had borrowed more than S$22,000. Alas, the marriage was short lived. Difficulty in finding a wife Duan found it difficult to find a wife from China as the country has a higher … Read more

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