Singapore Adultery Punishment- What will happen to those found guilty of adultery?

Many of my clients, upon the discovery of their spouse’s adultery, ask me about Singapore adultery punishment. Singapore adultery punishment What will happen to those “found guilty” of adultery? How will they be punished? A woman can be sentenced to death if found guilty of adultery in say, Pakistan. On the other hand, there is … Read more

Should You Forgive Adultery? What are the Pros and Cons?

Are you one who will forgive adultery? Rebecca Jane was pregnant with her child in 2006 when she caught her husband cheating on her. She said on live TV: “I could have got over the infidelity. It’s really difficult to get over heartache. It’s one of the most horrific feelings you can experience, but you … Read more

Married Affairs Singapore- What Should You Do?

As a divorce lawyer Singapore, I have come across many cases of married affairs Singapore. Married affairs Singapore In cases of married affairs Singapore, the spouse who did not have the affair can file for divorce in Singapore. For many of my clients, the discovery of married affairs Singapore is a traumatic experience especially if … Read more

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