Married Affairs Singapore- What Should You Do?

As a divorce lawyer Singapore, I have come across many cases of married affairs Singapore.

Married affairs Singapore

In cases of married affairs Singapore, the spouse who did not have the affair can file for divorce in Singapore.

For many of my clients, the discovery of married affairs Singapore is a traumatic experience especially if everything appears to be normal at home.

Case of Ted Cummins

Jill Cummins had a “perfect marriage”. The grandmother described herself as a wife on social medial profiles and in the eyes of friends, she had a “rock solid marriage”.

Then, out of a sudden, her school teacher husband Tad Cummins ran away with her 15 year-old student Elizabeth Thomas. Her husband had left a note saying that he was “travelling to Virginia Beach or the D.C. area to clear his mind”.

On 23 January 2017, Tad was spotted kissing Thomas in school. 2 weeks later, he was suspended. Tad then disappeared with Elizabeth- travelling from Columbia, Tennessee to Alabama, Oklahoma before ending up in California. Prosecutors said that he had plans to take Elizabeth to Mexico and even further in South America. Tad had disabled his GPS and changed his car license plates several times to avoid detection. The pair were caught in California.

While in prison, Tad gave Jill a call begging her for forgiveness. Jill asked Tad straight out: “did you sleep with her?” Tad said: “yes I did”. She had wanted to hear it from him.

To Jill, her husband’s call for forgiveness came too little too late and she “won’t let him hurt [her] like that again”.

Since that call, she had refused to pick up further calls from her husband.

See: Hannah Parry, Jennifer Smith and James Wilkinson, “Amber Alert teacher, 50, ‘ADMITTED to his wife he slept with student, 15,’ after he was caught and has repeatedly begged for forgiveness”, MailOnline, 27 April 2017

A recorded confession by your spouse on the married affair can be used at trial as evidence for his/ her adultery.

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