Annulment Singapore- Do you qualify?

Do you qualify for an annulment Singapore? In order to successfully obtain an annulment Singapore, your marriage would have to be voidable or void in nature. If you have a voidable marriage in Singapore, you can proceed for an annulment in Singapore if you so desire. Your marriage will not be void, if you choose … Read more

Annulment Process in Singapore- Getting an Annulment in Singapore

Almost everyone who comes to me for an annulment asks about the annulment process in Singapore. Annulment Process in Singapore- Uncontested Step 1 (Week 1): Contact us. Step 2 (Week 1): We will prepare the draft annulment papers within 72 hours. Once you approve, the annulment papers will be submitted to Court. Step 3 (Week … Read more

How Long After You Are Married Can You Get An Annulment?

As an annulment lawyer in Singapore, I am often asked by my clients and potential clients: how long after you are married can you get an annulment? How long after you are married can you get an annulment? – Voidable Marriages Many people have the misconception that you can get an annulment in Singapore only … Read more

Divorce Compensation Singapore- What Can You Claim For?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have had many clients asked me about divorce compensation Singapore. For instance, if the marriage were to be annulled or if parties were to get a divorce within a short period of time after the ROM date, can the innocent party request for the other party to pay … Read more

Annul Marriage Singapore- What are the Steps to doing so?

How do you annul marriage Singapore? Annulment is different from divorce. Annul Marriage Singapore To annul marriage Singapore, there are a few steps to follow: Week 1: Contact us and arrange for an appointment. Bring along a copy of your NRIC, marriage certificate and deposit when we meet. Week 1: Engage us and we will … Read more

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