Annul Marriage Singapore- What are the Steps to doing so?

How do you annul marriage Singapore?

Annulment is different from divorce.

Annul Marriage Singapore

To annul marriage Singapore, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Week 1: Contact us and arrange for an appointment. Bring along a copy of your NRIC, marriage certificate and deposit when we meet.
  2. Week 1: Engage us and we will commence work on the annulment papers. The annulment papers will usually be ready within a few days. You will receive the annulment papers in your email inbox.
  3. Week 2: Confirm that the annulment papers are in good order. We will file the papers in Court.
  4. Week 2: Signing will be arranged.
  5. Week 5: You will go to Court with us for a 5-minute hearing to affirm that all the information in the annulment papers are true and accurate. Interim Judgment will be granted.
  6. 3 months later: Final Judgment will be granted.

It takes about 1 month to get to the Interim Judgment stage and 4 months to get to the Final Judgment stage.

Reasons you can use to annul marriage Singapore

Annul Marriage Singapore- Voidable Marriages

Common reasons to annul marriage Singapore include one party’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage and one party’s incapacity to consummate the marriage. These are what we call “voidable marriages”- marriages that can be annulled by choice.

Annul Marriage Singapore- Void Marriages

From time to time, I have come across clients with void marriages. For instance, if the parties are too closely related and their relationship is within the prohibited degrees, the marriage is void.

See: First Schedule of the Women’s Charter Singapore

To illustrate, a 26-year-old girl in Hong Kong had a sexual relationship with her father as she did not want her father to marry another woman. Imagine if the girl were to get married to her father, the marriage would be void by itself.

See: Chris Lau, “Daughter in Hong Kong incest case had sex with father so he would not marry his fiancée, court hears”, South China Morning Post, 30 May 2017

To speak to a top annulment lawyer in Singapore on how to annul marriage Singapore, contact us today!

If it is not an option to annul marriage Singapore, you may wish to understand more about the alternatives.

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