Annulment Process in Singapore- Getting an Annulment in Singapore

Almost everyone who comes to me for an annulment asks about the annulment process in Singapore.

Annulment Process in Singapore- Uncontested

Step 1 (Week 1): Contact us.

Step 2 (Week 1): We will prepare the draft annulment papers within 72 hours. Once you approve, the annulment papers will be submitted to Court.

Step 3 (Week 1/2): Signing. Both parties will sign the annulment papers in our office.

Step 4 (Week 1/2): The signed papers will be submitted to Court.

Step 5 (Week 5/6): The Court will fix a hearing. This will not last more than 10 minutes. Interim Judgment will be granted.

Step 6 (Week 17/18): Final Judgment will be granted after 3 months from the Interim Judgment.

The entire process will take about 4 to 5 months.

Annulment Process in Singapore- Your spouse does not sign the annulment papers

Steps 1 and 2: Same as above

Step 3: The annulment papers will be served on your spouse. Your spouse refuses to sign the papers. After the papers are served, your spouse does not respond for more than 8 days.

We will arrange for you to sign the annulment papers in our office.

Steps 4 to 6: Same as above.

Common reasons for annulment in Singapore

The most common reasons for annulment in Singapore are (1) one party’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage and (2) one party’s incapacity to consummate the marriage.

Other reasons for annulment in Singapore

Sometimes, there are other reasons which one can use for an annulment in Singapore.

Recently, I read about how a young man wanted to marry his girlfriend who has HIV. His girlfriend had cheated on him previously

Let me give you an analogy. Supposed the young man did not know that his girlfriend is suffering from a venereal disease, and only find out after the marriage, he can choose to annul the marriage within 3 years of the marriage.

See: “He wants to marry dying ex-GF who is dying of Aids”, Philippine Daily Inquier/ ANN (as seen from Asia One), 24 June 2017

While it is important to learn more about the annulment process in Singapore, you may also wish to, for a start, find out what reason (if any) you can use to void the marriage.

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