Illegal Marriage Between 2 Women! Void Marriage Singapore

What is a void marriage Singapore? A void marriage Singapore is one which is deemed to never have existed. 2 female Indonesian migrant workers allegedly married each other officially after returning from Malaysia where they worked in. “Husband” gave birth The “husband” (Farel) gave birth in North Sumatra and dumped the newborn baby 50 metres … Read more

Woman Discovered that Her Fiancé Is Her Half-Brother!

One Reddit user discovered a horrible truth a few weeks before marrying her fiancé. She discovered that her fiancé is her half-brother! The lady met her fiancé through a tabletop roleplay group and developed an instant connection with her fiancé. Both of them were “nerdy, shy and fairly inexperienced in long-term relationships”. After dating for … Read more

Sham Marriages for Gays and Lesbians- Case for Annulment in Singapore

There is immense pressure for young women in China to get married. Ou Xiaobai, a 32-year-old gay woman living in Beijing, entered into a sham marriage with a gay man to keep her family happy. Ou told BBC: “At that time I was living a happy life with my girlfriend in Beijing. But I was … Read more

Dodging a Bullet? What Really Happened When Someone Is Left At the Altar?

I came across an article on Daily Mail Online which presented revelations from people who have been dumped and those who called it quits on their wedding at the last minute. Reddit user Fluffledoodle revealed that she left a man at the altar. She froze when she realized that she “didn’t love him as much … Read more

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