Interim Judgement Meaning

Interim Judgement Meaning

Many of my clients ask me for “interim judgement meaning”.

Divorce in Singapore is a 2-step process. The Family Justice Courts will first decide on whether there is sufficient ground for divorce. If there is sufficient ground for divorce, the Court will grant the interim judgement. The word “interim” suggests that the judgement is only “provisional”, pending stage 2.

In stage 2, the Court will make a decision on the ancillary matters involving children, assets and maintenance, after which it will make the Final Judgement. This marks the end of the divorce process.

In cases where both husband and wife agrees on all terms of the divorce, the Court will grant the Interim Judgement and the order (containing the terms) at the same Uncontested Divorce hearing.

However, there is still a 3-month wait before the Final Judgement can be granted.

Some see this as a cooling-off period, for parties to consider if they wish to reconcile. Indeed, I have had some clients who reconciled during this 3-month cooling-off period.

And this is not just a “Singapore thing”. In one part of Shandong province in China, a new measure was introduced wherein couples need to cool off for a 3-month period before either party can file for divorce. The rule came into effect because “judges frequently found that couples seeking divorce were not in a situation of irretrievable marriage breakdown”.

See: “Chinese court orders would-be divorcees to ‘cool off’”, The Straits Times, 26 October 2017

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