How to Divorce in Singapore?

How to divorce in Singapore? What is the fastest way to divorce in Singapore?

Ms Eiliyah (not her real name) got a shock when her former husband ambushed her at a HDB void deck. She had been living with her parents to avoid his abuse when he called her down from her parents’ flat. When Eiliyah reached the void deck, her husband’s father and best friend came from behind a pillar where they were hiding as her husband uttered talak (an Arabic word to divorce Eiliyah).

Muslim husbands have the unilateral right to say talak without proving the grounds of divorce. The word talak is used to start a divorce.

This is the fastest way to divorce in Singapore, for Muslim men.

What if you are in a Civil marriage solemnized by the ROM?

See: Melody Zaccheus,“Getting Muslim men to think twice about divorce”, The Straits Times, 19 September 2017

If you are wondering how to divorce in Singapore in the fastest and most cost-efficient manner, the answer is simply to reach an agreement with your spouse on all the terms of the divorce.

Your lawyer will then prepare the divorce papers (according to your agreed terms) and arrange for signing before submitting the papers to Court. The Court will grant the divorce within 4 months.

What if you are not able to agree on the terms with your spouse? Most contested divorces in Singapore are resolved by way of mediation. You will be able to communicate openly with your spouse and explore options through the assistance of a neutral third party (a mediator).

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