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Searching online for the Singapore Wife Forum? If you are searching for the Singapore Wife Forum, you are probably looking to find information (or somebody talk to) in relation to your marital issues.

Being a wife in Singapore is no mean task. Most wives in Singapore are working wives-mothers who wear 2 hats- that of a homemaker and a mother/ wife.

Information which you may find on Singapore Wife Forum

As a wife, you:

  1. Have the option to seek maintenance from your husband/ ex-husband. This does not mean that you will definitely be awarded maintenance- it just means that you have the right to ask. Husbands, on the other hand, do not have the right to do so unless they are disabled.
  2. Are protected from family violence. If your husband (or any other family member) is violent towards you, you may wish to make an application for a personal protection order.
  3. Can file for divorce against your husband if you have been deserted by your husband. You also have the right to file for divorce if your husband cheated on you, or behaved unreasonably.
  4. Will not automatically be given the custody/ care and control of your children. The welfare of your children is of paramount importance to the Court.
  5. Do not have the right to marry more than 1 husband (unlike Bhutanese women!)

See: Karen Lim, “7 things you never knew about Bhutan”, Asia One, 8 September 2017

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