Fastest Way to Divorce in Singapore

Many of my clients ask: what is the fastest way to divorce in Singapore? Some have practical reasons for seeking the fastest way to divorce in Singapore. The most common reasons I heard of include:

  1. They are getting married to a new partner (and they can’t wait to do so);
  2. They have an unborn child with their new partner and the birth is about to take place;
  3. They are suffering from a serious illness and may not live long enough to see their final judgment (L); and
  4. They can’t stand being married to their partner for another minute.

Now, the fastest way to divorce in Singapore is to engage us. The process goes like this:

Day 1: You engage us;

Day 1/ 2: The papers are in your email inbox;

Day 2/3: The papers are ready for signing. The papers are submitted to Court;

Day 21 to Day 28 (one month): The Court grants the Interim Judgment;

3 months after the Interim Judgment is granted, you receive the Final Judgment. It takes 4 months.

If you have a very unique reason (for instance, you are about to give birth to someone else’s child or someone else is about to give birth to your child), you may wish to make an application to further expedite proceedings. This process is called the “abridgement process”. In this case, you should seek the written consent of your spouse to the abridgement process. You should also provide supporting documents explaining why you need to expedite the divorce process to your lawyer. An example may be a doctor’s note explaining the imminent birth of the unborn child.

After the application is made, you will need to attend Court in person (together with your lawyer) to

With these documents in hand, your lawyer will be able to make an application to shorten the time between the Interim Judgment and the Final Judgment. Instead of 3 months, the wait may be shorten to say, 2 weeks! In other words, in exceptional situations, you may get a divorce in 2 months! However, do note that not everyone qualifies. Otherwise, who would wait? Your case has to be exceptional and you need to have good reasons.

You will not get an instant divorce in Singapore. In fact, India just banned Islamic instant divorce as well.

However, the process will not take forever as well, and it will be faster if all terms are agreed from the start.

See: “Triple talaq: India court bans Islamic instant divorce”, BBC News, 22 August 2017

If you are looking for the fastest way to divorce in Singapore (and cheapest way), contact us today!

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