Divorce Process in Singapore

Divorce Process in Singapore- All terms agreed

If all the terms are agreed, the divorce process in Singapore is straightforward.


The papers will be drafted. We will arrange for the signing. The papers will be submitted to Court. The Court will grant the divorce. The end.

Divorce Process in Singapore- Terms not agreed

Step 1: If you have a child under the age of 14, you will need to go for the Mandatory Parenting Programme. This is a one-hour counselling programme. After the programme, you will be given a certificate and you can use that certificate to file for divorce in Singapore.

Step 2: Divorce papers will be submitted to Court and serve on your spouse.

Step 3: Your spouse may defend against your reason for divorce. Your spouse may file a counterclaim against you.

Step 4: Parties (together with lawyers) go for mediation to attempt to reach an “out-of-court” settlement.

Step 5: If an “out-of-court” settlement is reached, the divorce ends. Otherwise, the Court will make a decision.

Does it matter who files for divorce in Singapore?

No. Regardless of who files for divorce in Singapore, the end result is a divorce. Hence, it doesn’t really matter. You do not have to fight over who files the divorce.

In fact, I have come across parties who file for divorce one after another, without knowing that the other party has already filed for divorce.

This may not happen in other countries, where one party will be barred from filing the divorce after it has been filed by the other party.

See: “Singer tries to file for divorce but wife beats him to it”, The Star, 23 August 2017

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