Family Law Firms in Singapore- What Should You Look Out For?

Are you searching for the best family law firms in Singapore?

Best family law firms in Singapore

You may need help with:

  1. A divorce;
  2. An annulment;
  3. Matters concerning custody, alimony/ maintenance and division of matrimonial assets;
  4. Wills and probate matters; or
  5. Other family law related matters.

What should you look out for in your search for the best family law firms in Singapore?

The best family law firms in Singapore have family lawyers who:

  1. Know family law and the Women’s Charter inside out;
  2. Understand property issues and mortgages- almost every couple in Singapore has a HDB flat/ matrimonial home. A good family lawyer should not just know about than the division of the matrimonial home, but the implications behind it;
  3. Know about discovery. Discovery can be important in getting your opponent to reveal and disclose important documents and information to you;
  4. Have a good grasp of the legal system;
  5. Have knowledge on domestic violence and how to deal with it;
  6. Understand the needs of children;
  7. Are good negotiators at mediation sessions; and
  8. Are good listeners.

See: Henry Gornbein, “11 Things All Good Divorce Lawyers Need To Know”, Huffington Post, 23 July 2012

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