Women’s Charter Custody- How Do The Courts Decide?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have worked with many clients who have children. For those who have children, the issues of Women’s Charter custody, care and control, and access are important.

How do the Family Justice Courts decide on the issues of Women’s Charter custody, care and control, and access?

Welfare of the child is key

In a recent case, a father and stepmother in the United States had custody of 2 of their 5 children taken away from them. They had played pranks on them in a series of YouTube videos.

For instance, they told their youngest son that he was going to be adopted by another family. In another video, the couple poured ink onto the floor of the same son before accusing him of causing the mess. They swore at him in the said video and the child cried hysterically. In another prank, the couple smashed the Xbox of the boy with a hammer.

While the couple (Mike and Heather Martin) claimed that the videos were “fake” and that they did not abuse the children, 2 of the children have now been returned to their biological mother, Rose Hall.

Hall said: “Emma and Cody are with me, I have emergency custody- they’re doing good. They’re getting back to their playful selves.”

She added that it was “very heartbreaking and disturbing to see my kids be abused.”

Police had commenced child abuse investigations.

See: “DaddyOFive parents lose custody ‘over YouTube pranks’, BBC News, 2 May 2017

Child abuse is serious and if you suspect your child of being abused by your spouse/ ex- spouse, it is prudent to make an application for a personal protection order.

If a personal protection order is awarded in favour of your child against your spouse/ ex-spouse, it is likely that to have an implication on Women’s Charter custody, care and control, and access.

For instance, if your spouse/ ex-spouse has been proven to be abusive towards your child, supervised access may be granted.

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