Husband Left Me For Younger Woman. Will It Last?

Husband left me for younger woman. Will it last?

From time to time, I have had female clients asked me this question. Maybe they think that as a man, I am in a good position to answer this question. Truth is, I do not know the answer.

I recently came across an article written by a Mr Wepukhulu.

Wepukhulu was married to his wife for 35 years. The children are brought up well- married and successful in their careers. Wepukhulu admits that his wife played a big role in that.

After retirement, the couple invested in a successful business and made lots of money. Wepukhulu started to think that he needed another woman. Then he met Dolly, who was young and beautiful. Wepukhulu could not resist Dolly but Dolly had a condition- she wanted Wepukhulu to divorce his wife and marry her.

Wepukhulu started to blame his wife for everything. He hated her and even accused her of having an affair. Eventually, they divorced. Maybe Wepukhulu’s wife had the same question in her mind then: Husband left me for younger woman. Will it last?

Wepukhulu paid a huge sum of money to Dolly’s relatives. For a while, he felt like a king.

Then, things went downhill. Wepukhulu’s savings depleted quickly. He stopped having sex with Dolly as he had problems.

Wepukhulu missed his ex-wife, who looked younger and happier without him.

As a result of his marriage to Dolly, Wepukhulu stopped communication with his family. Wepukhulu tries to get back to his ex-wife, but she refused to accept him. Wepukhulu is still trying to get back to this ex-wife.

In his words, “Even if she was an angel, now I understood that you can’t experience the rise with someone when your life goes to the sunset. No matter how hard I wanted this, I can’t be a man who is in the peak of his virility.”

See: Louise Wepukhulu, “I gave up my wife for a young girl, and now I live like in a jail”,

Husband left me for younger woman. Will it last?

For those of you out there who have this question in mind, it is important to remember that the priority in your life after the divorce is yourself, your children and your family members.

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