Software to Catch Cheating Spouse on Computer in Singapore?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have had clients asked me if I know of any software to catch cheating spouse on computer.

Illegal access to data- software to catch cheating spouse on computer

In a recent case in Singapore, Dr Leo Kah Woon, a plastic surgeon in Singapore, was fined $13,000 for installing a spyware program on his laptop. He had intended to intercept data belonging to his ex-wife. Through the process, he accessed data in the Singapore General Hospital’s computer system illegally to search for information on the alleged lover (Ang) of his wife.

Leo’s ex-wife, Nellie Tan Li Khoon, was also fined $3,5000 for abetting a private investigator to unlawfully access Leo’s laptop.

The former couple have 2 children together. They are now divorced. After suspecting his wife of having an affair, Leo evicted her from the matrimonial home in September 2012.

What Leo did

Leo installed a keylogging software in the laptop he shared with his ex-wife. The software captured the keystrokes and take periodic screenshots whenever Tan used the computer. Information was then sent to his email account.

Separately, Leo also used the SGH system to retrieve the contact details of Ang’s wife (Xu). Leo contacted Xu and informed her about his findings. Ang then lodged complaints with the Singapore Medical Council and police that Leo had abused the SGH system to illegally obtain the contact details of his wife.

See: Elena Chong, “Plastic surgeon fined $13,000 for computer misuse”, The Straits Times, 15 February 2017

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