Get Over Your Ex After Divorce- Through Texts!

Find it hard to get over your ex after divorce?

If you are trying to get over your ex after divorce, it is not a good idea to send them text messages unless absolutely necessary. Somebody thought of a way to get over the urge of texting your ex after divorce. Sean Drohan created an online spreadsheet titled “Things I Wanna Text My Ex”. It is a collection of text messages people all over the world wanted to send to their exes.

People “deposit” the text messages they want to send their exes into the spreadsheet. The messages in the spreadsheet range from boring messages, such as “I still have your Netflix account” to indignant ones like “if you had spent less time cheating and more time canvassing, Hillary would have took Iowa”.

There are also heart-breaking messages like: “Please take me back, I still love you.”

Regardless of the context of the text messages, they have 1 thing in common. They are better off on that spreadsheet than in your ex’s phone.

Drohan’s message to users is simple. Do not send a message to your ex on impulse. If you have to, do it tomorrow. For now, just put your message in spreadsheet.

See: Melissa Locker, “You’ll Never Feel Tempted to Text Your Ex Again Thanks to This Handy Spreadsheet”, Time, 17 February 2017

Not everybody gets over a marriage easily. Especially if the marriage is a long one. It is normal to feel a tinge of emptiness after the divorce concludes.

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, my advice to those trying to get over your ex after divorce is: distract yourself. Take up new hobbies. Work hard in your career. Look after your children well. Find new love.

There are much more to look forward to in life than a past relationship. The divorce happened because someone’s heart is not in it. It could be yours or your spouse’s. A marriage takes 2 hands to clap and if someone’s heart is not in it, there is no way it will work.

It may not be easy to get over your ex after divorce. But you will get there.

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