Read About How a Man Took Revenge on a Cheating Spouse

From time to time, I see clients who ask me how they should take revenge on a cheating spouse. While I do not advocate taking revenge on a cheating spouse, here is what a man did to his cheating spouse.

Screenshots of text messages between the man and his wife were shared online.

At the beginning, the wife begged the husband to go back to her. She tried to justify her cheating by pushing the blame to her husband, saying that he was gone everyday for so long, to which the man responded by saying that he had to work to pay the bills.

The man threatened to block his wife. At this point, the woman confessed that she was having an affair with a man named “Darell” who was engaged. The man flew into a rage, saying that he would cancel her data plan and throw her out. At this point, the woman tried to panic the man by saying that he would be responsible for child support to which he responded by saying that he is not the father to the child.

And what did he do to take revenge on a cheating spouse? He fooled her into thinking that he intentionally lost their cat! In his message, the man said: “Oh and also one thing, for some reason the front door was left open and Muffin is gone I can’t find him anywhere.” This appeared to really anger the woman who replied: “You crossed the line you f*****.”

See: Martha Cliff, “Man takes revenge on his cheating wife by fooling her into thinking he has deliberately lost the family cat in a bizarre- and VERY hostile- text exchange”, MailOnline, 23 January 2017

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I understand what my clients are going through. Finding out that your spouse has cheated on you can be really traumatising.

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