Pennsylvania Man Caught Wife Cheating Using Drone


A man in Pennsylvania used an innovative way to catch his wife cheating. John G deployed a drone which followed his wife to work. The drone ended up capturing John G’s wife walking to a parking lot from home. She had used a different route from the one she normally took.  A man subsequently turned up in a SUV. The video captured John’s wife kissing and embracing the man.

John G was so shocked that he only confronted his wife of 18 years 2 days after filming the video. He later posted the video on YouTube. In the video, John G could be heard saying: “Watch. If you’re not paying attention you might miss it. Here it comes. There it goes! Eighteen years, boom! Eighteen years gone.”

One can only imagine the hurt that John G went through. He was distraught and heartbroken. When interviewed, John G admitted “his initial anger was targeted at the unknown man, saying he thought he was going to kill him for ruining his life”.

John G is proceeding with his divorce.

See: Gareth Davies, “’He ruined my life and I was going to kill him’: Jilted husband who ‘caught his wife cheating’ by using a DRONE confesses he wanted his love rival dead as he files for divorce”, Daily Mail Online, 16 November 2016

In Singapore, adultery is 1 of 5 facts which can be used by one for the purpose of divorce.

What is adultery?

Adultery happens when a married person voluntarily engages in sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex other than his/ her spouse.

How can adultery be proved in Singapore?

Adultery can be proved by one of the following ways:

  1. The spouse committing adultery confesses.
  2. There is direct evidence of adultery- for instance, having a witness.
  3. There is indirect evidence of adultery- for instance, a private investigator’s report.
  4. A child is born as a result of adultery.

For clients who do not have sufficient evidence to prove adultery, I would advise that they proceed with divorce on the basis that their spouse have behaved unreasonably. They would still be able to list particulars of the improper association in their divorce papers.

Many of my clients who were cheated on experienced John G’s emotions- anger, devastation, emptiness and worry. It is never an easy thing to go through. I advise my clients to learn from experience and not dwell on it. As time passes, some of the pain will heal and they will come out of it a better person.

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