Deed of Separation Cost- $550 Net (No Hidden Cost)

On average, I draft about 5 to 10 deeds of separation every month. What is the deed of separation cost? We charge a flat fee of S$550.00 nett for a deed of separation. What does the deed of separation cost cover? The deed of separation cost covers the drafting fees and all disbursements (including GST). … Read more

Deed of Separation Sample- What do you need to include in your deed of separation?

Every month, I receive many requests for a deed of separation sample. You may want to enter into a deed of separation for practical reasons. It could be because of your outstanding mortgage, your kids, your HDB flat, or even your business. Do you know that you can be living under the same roof, yet … Read more

Affordable Divorce Lawyer Singapore

Looking for an affordable divorce lawyer Singapore? You have come to the right website. Affordable divorce lawyer Singapore As an affordable divorce lawyer Singapore, I offer fixed-fee deals for divorces, annulments and a wide range of other family law services. Our rates are as follows: Uncontested divorce: S$1,200 NET- no hidden charges Uncontested annulment: S$1,500 … Read more

Filing for Separation in Singapore- Deed of Separation in Singapore for $550 net!

Are you thinking about filing for separation in Singapore? There are many reasons why people think about filing for separation in Singapore. Reasons for separation in Singapore For instance, you may not be ready for divorce in Singapore because: Your child is taking a major examinations (such as the PSLE) and you do not want … Read more

Johanna is Allergic to Her Husband- What Constitutes Separation in Singapore?

I regularly have clients asked me this- what constitutes separation in Singapore? Separation in Singapore is not only about being physically separated. It is also about being emotionally separated. The couple who are forced to live separate lives One good case that may illustrate this is that of Scott and Johanna Watkins. Johanna is allergic … Read more

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