How to Get Over Adultery in a Marriage- From a Divorce Lawyer’s Viewpoint

How to get over adultery in a marriage Recently, Duston Holloway from Texas to find his girlfriend drunk and asleep next to a shirtless man. While most people in Holloway’s shoes would be to scream and yell, Holloway whipped up his phone and started taking photographs of them in bed. In fact, he even posed … Read more

Can you use evidence found on a Singapore Adultery Website?

In the internet age, it has become easier for people to commit adultery by finding like-minded people on a Singapore adultery website. An example of a prominent extra-marital dating website is the Ashley Madison website. Ashley Madison banned in Singapore In 2013, the Media Development Authority (MDA) banned Ashley Madison (an extra-marital dating website). According … Read more

Singapore Adultery Punishment- What will happen to those found guilty of adultery?

Many of my clients, upon the discovery of their spouse’s adultery, ask me about Singapore adultery punishment. Singapore adultery punishment What will happen to those “found guilty” of adultery? How will they be punished? A woman can be sentenced to death if found guilty of adultery in say, Pakistan. On the other hand, there is … Read more

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