Happiness from Parenthood- Case of Custody Care and Control of the Minor Child

Does having a child make one happier? A research paper titled “The Origin of Happiness” was recently published. Professor Andrew Clark and Professor Richard Layard compared data from the UK, US, Germany and Australia. They found that the “positive glow of parenthood” only lasted for around 12 months, after which there was no improvement in … Read more

Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents in Singapore Reconnect With Their Parents

New Life Stories is a charity which helps incarcerated mothers in prison stay connected to their children. Salma (not her real name) is one such beneficiary from the programme. Salma was imprisoned for approximately 5 years for drug trafficking in 2010. Her husband was also incarcerated. 2 relatives took care of Salma’s children who were … Read more

Expat Spouses In Trouble With Cancelled Dependant’s Pass

Getting a divorce in a foreign country can present different challenges. For instance, a foreign spouse who is sponsored by his/ her spouse’s company as a dependant runs the risk of being asked to leave Singapore before the conclusion of the divorce proceedings. When a foreigner (X) comes to work in Singapore on an Employment … Read more

Experiences Of A Single Dad

I came across an article on single father Michael Ray. Ray is 50 and he is the sole care-giver to Charlie, his 4 year-old daughter. In the article, Ray revealed the questions and comments he hears on a frequent basis. Some of the most common phrases include: “Are you babysitting today?” “Is Daddy in charge … Read more

Unhealthy to Have Dominant and Passive Parenting Styles

A couple’s parenting differences can lead to divorce. In one case handled by Ms. Monica Christine Fernando, a marriage and family counsellor at Reach Counselling: The mother, a civil servant, felt that she should the one nurturing and caring for the children. The father was soft-hearted. When he attempted to discipline the children, they did … Read more

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