Top Annulment Lawyer Singapore Explains Annulment Singapore

Are you looking for an annulment lawyer Singapore? Common grounds for annulment in Singapore include: Wilful refusal to consummate the marriage; and Incapacity of one party to consummate the marriage. These grounds for annulment in Singapore constitute the grounds of voidable marriage. These marriages are not void unless you choose to void them. There are … Read more

Annulment vs Divorce Singapore

Annulment vs Divorce Singapore- what are the differences between the 2? Click here for a detailed explanation on the differences between annulment and divorce Singapore. Common reasons for annulment in Singapore One of the most common grounds for annulment in Singapore is one party’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage. Another common ground is one … Read more

2 Wives Fighting Over Man’s Corpse! Polygamy Singapore

Is polygamy Singapore legal? What can you do if you find out that your spouse is married to someone else other than you? Death of Mr Khokon Mr Khokon died over 2.5 years ago but his body is still at the mortuary of Dhaka Medical College. 2 women have been fighting a legal battle to … Read more

Illegal Marriage Between 2 Women! Void Marriage Singapore

What is a void marriage Singapore? A void marriage Singapore is one which is deemed to never have existed. 2 female Indonesian migrant workers allegedly married each other officially after returning from Malaysia where they worked in. “Husband” gave birth The “husband” (Farel) gave birth in North Sumatra and dumped the newborn baby 50 metres … Read more

Husband Married Another Woman Overseas! Is Polygamy Legal in Singapore?

From time to time, I have clients calling me to ask: is polygamy legal in Singapore? The answer is no. The story of Kim I came across the story of how a lady (Kim) discovered that her husband had married another woman in a foreign land. Kim was on a vacation with her husband. Her … Read more

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