What do You Need to Know About Contested Divorce in Singapore?

If you are not able to agree on the terms of your divorce (or even the divorce itself), you may be heading in the direction of a contested divorce in Singapore.

Contested Divorce in Singapore

There are 2 stages to the contested divorce process in Singapore. In stage 1, the Court decide if there is sufficient ground for the divorce to be granted. Parties may disagree on the divorce if:

  1. 1 party wants a divorce while the other does not; or
  2. Both parties want a divorce but cannot agree on the ground of the divorce.

A trial may be required for the Court to decide on the divorce.

In stage 2, the Court will decide on the ancillary matters (children, assets, alimony).

Alternatives to Contested Divorce in Singapore

While you may not agree with your spouse on the divorce and/ or the ancillary matters, you need not have the matter heard and decided by the Court. For instance,

  1. You may wish to go through the mediation process. A mediator will facilitate the negotiation between parties and help parties explore options and settlement proposals.
  2. You may wish to discuss further with your spouse.

As much as possible, I advise my clients to avoid having a contested divorce in Singapore. This adds to the time and costs taken for the divorce to be finalized. In addition, if you have children, you will still need to see your ex-spouse from time to time (for your children’s graduation ceremonies, wedding, or even during the weekly access period). It is good to be as amicable as possible.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel recently separated and in a joint statement, the couple said: “With absolute love and respect we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year. We are and will always be united in our support of each other and family.”

See: “Fergie and Josh Duhammel Separate After 8 Years of Marriage: ‘We Are and Will Always be United”, People (as seen on Yahoo!), 15 September 2017

This should be the way it is. But if it is impossible for you to go through an amicable divorce, contact us today for more information on contested divorce in Singapore!

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