Common Types of Unreasonable Behaviour in Singapore

What are the common types of unreasonable behaviour identified in divorce cases in Singapore?

Common types of unreasonable behaviour

Unreasonable behaviour does not have to be “extreme” and “dramatic”. If you wish to have an amicable divorce and you do not want to paint your spouse in a bad light, you may wish to agree with your spouse on the types of unreasonable behaviour to be used in the divorce proceedings.

The following are some common types of unreasonable behaviour which couples in Singapore use to file for divorce in Singapore:

  1. “You take me for granted”: One party feels that he/ she is shouldering most of the responsibilities at home and feels overwhelmed.
  2. “What happened to our sex life”: Lack of intimacy.
  3. “You have checked out of our marriage”: For some reason (work, family, children, hobbies, etc), parties start to live separate lives (physically and/ or emotionally). Parties no longer care about each other.
  4. “You use kids against me”: Parties may have different parenting styles. One party may be the “nice and fun” parent and the other may feel ostracised by the children because he/ she is a strict parent.
  5. “Are we even fighting about the same thing anymore?”: Miscommunication, or the reluctance to listen and understand each other can result in serious problems to the marriage.
  6. “We aren’t communicating anymore.”: This is definitely more serious than miscommunication. At least, when parties miscommunicate, they are still communicating.

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