Divorce Rate in China 2017

Divorce Rate in China 2017

There were more than 1.85 million divorces in China from January to June 2017. This represents a 10.7% increase from the same period of 2016.

The divorce rate has been on a steady rise since the turn of the century. Divorce rate in the country is defined as the number of divorces per year divided by the total population. In 2010, the divorce rate in China was 2 per thousand. This rose to 2.8 per thousand in 2015, which represents a 3-fold increase from 2002.

Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen have the highest divorce rate in China 2017.

Separately, the number of marriages decreased 7.5% to 5.58 million in 2016.

What are the reasons for the high divorce rate in China 2017?

The reasons for the high divorce rate in China 2017 are:

  1. Infidelity;
  2. Domestic violence; and
  3. Character differences.

Interestingly, some Chinese couples use divorce to avoid tax when buying their second home.

Men who are unfaithful typically work in the IT, finance and education industries. 67% of unfaithful wives are homemakers in search of affection.

See: “Men working in IT, housewives most unfaithful, says survey in China”, China Daily/ Asian News Network (as seen from Asia One), 7 September 2017

I have handled many divorce cases involving clients from China. On average, I have 2 to 3 new clients from China every month. Given the number of Chinese clients I see, I am naturally interested in the divorce rate in China (and the reasons behind their divorce).

If you are from China, and you would like to know more about the divorce process in Singapore, contact us today!

We understand your concerns.

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