How To Get On With Your Life After Divorce

How to get on with your life after divorce? I have heard this question many times.

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I wear many hats. Other than being my clients’ legal advisers, I am also their counsellor and friend in need.

How to get on with your life after divorce?

To get on with your life after divorce, you need to realize that it is not the end of the world. Research has shown that singlehood brings with it a range of benefits.

Bella DePaulo, psychologist at the University of California Santa Barbara, looked at more than 800 studies of single and married people.

Some advantages of being single include:

  1. Singles have stronger social ties than married people. They are more likely to frequently reach out to people on their social network.
  2. Singles may be fitter than their married counterparts. Singles work out more frequently than their married peers. They are likely to have lower BMIs and weigh less.
  3. Singles are more likely to develop as individuals. Singles are more likely to say:
    1. “For me, life has been a continuous process of learning, changing, and growth.”
    2. “I think it is important to have new experiences that challenge how you think about yourself and the world.”
  4. Married men may be less generous.
  5. Singles are likely to enjoy alone time and benefit from it. Alone time can help you become more productive and creative. It does not mean being lonely.

See: Erin Brodwin, “How staying single could actually improve your health”, Business Insider, 24 July 2017

If you have made up your mind about getting a divorce, do not be concerned how to get on with your life after divorce. Have a chat with us today!

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