Family Violence Specialist Centres Singapore and iFams

If you are a victim of family violence in Singapore, you can apply for a personal protection order at one of the Family Violence Specialist Centres Singapore.

In the past, you can only do so at the Family Justice Courts. As part of the process, you would have to register and see a counsellor.

Now, applications can be made via the integrated Family Application Management System (iFams) at the Family Violence Specialist Centres Singapore. The system will, by the end of 2017, be integrated with platforms used by the MSF, Singapore Police Force, Prisons and Legal Aid Bureau so that information can be shared.

With iFams, process are simplified. Lawyers will be able to check the status of your case and submit documents online.

It is expected that iFams and Family Violence Specialist Centres Singapore will reduce the anxiety people feel when engaging in litigation at the Family Courts.

It is expected for the iFams to be extended to processes for mental capacity and deputyship.

There is also a new Family Protection Centre at the Family Justice Courts.

The new Family Protection Centre will provide one-stop services for:

  1. Risk assessment with a counsellor;
  2. Affirmation of supporting affidavits and documents before a Judge; and
  3. Filing of applications (with help from volunteers).

Some statistics on PPOs in Singapore

2811 fresh applications for PPOs were filed in 2016 and 2,885 were filed in 2015.

See: Koh Xing Hui, “More venues to apply for personal protection orders”, The Straits Times, 15 July 2017

It is never easy to deal with family violence at home. As a family lawyer in Singapore, I have met many clients who are resistant to the idea of making applications of PPO against their loved ones. Some give up due to the “tedious Court processes”.

Hopefully, the new initiatives and Family Violence Service Centres Singapore will help make it easier.

For more information on the Family Violence Service Centres Singapore, contact us today!

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