Cost of Marriage in Singapore- Can you make a claim for it in the event of a divorce?

What is the cost of marriage in Singapore?

It has just been announced that marriage registration fees in Singapore will rise from 1 July 2017.

Cost of marriage in Singapore for Singaporeans/ Singapore permanent residents

The Registry of Marriages (ROM) announced that the couple would have to pay $42 for registration, up from $26, if at least one party is a Singaporean/ Singapore PR.

Cost of marriage in Singapore for Foreigners

Foreigners will pay $380, up from $128 on weekdays/ $198 on weekends and $298 on popular days.

According to the ROM, the increase is to “keep up with rising operation costs, and to ensure that service quality is maintained.”

See: Revathi Valluvar and Lee Si Xuan, “It’ll cost more to say ‘I do’ from July 1 as fees rise”, The Straits Times, 28 June 2017

While the increase is not so huge as to deter Singaporeans from marrying, the cost of marriage in Singapore has increased substantially over the years. For instance, hosting a wedding banquet, having wedding photoshoots and going for a honeymoon can easily set a couple back by tens of thousands.

Given that the cost of marriage in Singapore has increased substantially, some of my clients have asked me if it is possible to “reclaim” some of the cost from their spouse in the event of a divorce/ annulment/ separation. The short answer is no.

However, should parties reach an amicable resolution to the divorce and decide to share the cost of the marriage (or rather, wedding), it is possible to have that inserted into the Court order.

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