Reasons For Divorce Singapore

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have come across many reasons for divorce Singapore. Common reasons for divorce Singapore include neglect, lack of communication, differences in opinions, lifestyles and beliefs.

Other than the more common reasons for divorce Singapore, there are reasons which are “crazy-but-true”.

  1. An American woman filed for divorce as she had won a lottery and wanted to keep all the money to herself.
  2. A German woman filed for divorce after her husband knocked down and rebuilt a wall because he felt that the wall got dirty.
  3. Yet another American woman divorced her husband because he voted for Donald Trump.
  4. A man filed for divorce after he saw her without makeup just days after the wedding.
  5. An Italian man filed for divorce because he thought his wife was possessed by the devil.
  6. Even being too nice can be a reason for divorce! A woman divorced her husband because he was just “too nice”, said “I love you” too much and was such a good cook that she gained too much weight from eating his food!
  7. An Indian man filed for divorce because his wife had an “excessive and insatiable drive for sex”. He claimed that she forced him into “unnatural sex”, and when he tried to resist, she would abuse him in various ways.
  8. One Japanese couple divorced because they did not share the same opinion on the movie “Frozen”!

See: Lauren Cahn, “12 Crazy-But-True Reasons People Filed for Divorce”, Reader’s Digest

Reasons for divorce Singapore

People file for divorce for different reasons. One of the most common reasons for divorce Singapore is the “unreasonable behaviour of one’s spouse”.

The unreasonable behaviour must have affected you in some way, such that it is unreasonable to expect you to continue living with your spouse. While the above reasons may sound trivial, they may well form the basis of unreasonable behaviour if they affect one spouse so much that he/ she cannot tolerate staying in the marriage.

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