Quick Divorce Singapore- How fast can you get a divorce in Singapore?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, many of my clients ask me if they are able to get a quick divorce Singapore.

Quick divorce Singapore?

A quick divorce Singapore, to me, means a simplified divorce that is uncontested. In an uncontested divorce Singapore, all terms are agreed.

Quick divorce Singapore- Step 1 (Drafting and Signing)

Being an efficient divorce lawyer in Singapore, I will usually email a first draft of the divorce papers to my clients within 72 hours of engagement. Thereafter, if there are no further amendments to the divorce papers, the signing can take place within the next 24 hours. In other words, you can sign on the divorce papers within a week after engaging us as your lawyers.

Quick divorce Singapore- Step 2 (Submitting the divorce papers to Court)

After the papers are signed, they are immediately submitted to Court (usually within an hour).

Quick divorce Singapore- Step 3 (Interim Judgment)

The Court will grant an interim judgment within 3 to 4 weeks of the submission.

Quick divorce Singapore- Step 4 (Final Judgment)

3 months after the interim judgment stage, the divorce is finalized. In exceptionally unique and special circumstances, the said 3 months can be further reduced.

For instance, one party is terminally ill and wishes to get the divorce done within his/ her limited life span. Or one party needs to remarry in a short time as there is a baby on the way.


Step 1 and 2 will take 1 week or less;

Step 3 will take 3 to 4 weeks; and

Step 4 will take 3 months.

The entire process of quick divorce Singapore will take about 4 months, barring exceptional and unique circumstances.

This is normally as fast as a quick divorce can get in Singapore.

In India though, quick divorce takes on a meaning at a totally different level.


Interesting case of Talaq in India

I recently read with interest that the Indian Supreme Court will determine if the practice of triple talaq is “part of the fundamental right to religion”. A Muslim man in India can supposedly divorce his wife within a few minutes simply by saying the word talaq (divorce) 3 times.

This practice is said to discriminate against women.

Even Indian Prime Minister Modi has joined in the discussion, saying that the “rights of Muslim women” should be upheld. On the other hand, many Muslim groups do not agree with the Court’s intervention in this matter.

A judgment on the constitutional validity of triple talaq is expected to be delivered soon.

See: “India’s top court reviews controversial Islamic practice of instant divorce”, The Straits Times, 12 May 2017


As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I would say that most, if not all, of my clients would want to get a divorce as soon as possible. While talaq is not practised in Singapore, we do our best to expedite the divorce proceedings for our clients so as to reduce the time and costs spent on the divorce proceedings.

Contact us today, if you have more questions about a quick divorce Singapore.

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