Divorce Lawyer Singapore Fee- Extremely Affordable

If you are getting a divorce in Singapore, you are likely to be wondering about the divorce lawyer Singapore fee.

Divorce lawyer Singapore fee

Getting divorce can be a traumatic experience and you do not want to be burdened with a huge divorce lawyer Singapore fee.

We understand your concerns and we sincerely care for each one of our clients. For an uncontested divorce, we charge a flat (nett) cost of S$1,200 net.

  1. GST is included.
  2. Court filing fees are included.
  3. Photocopying charges are included.
  4. Meetings are included.
  5. There are no hidden costs– as long as it is uncontested and both parties agree to sign on the dotted line without going to Court/ mediation, it is S$1,200 net.

Even if you need to go to resolve things through mediation, our cost range are highly affordable- ranging from $1,550 to $5,850 net.

If you need to get an uncontested annulment, we charge a flat (nett) cost of S$1,500 net.

When the costs are fixed (and nett with no hidden charges), at least you can breathe easier.

Other financial tips

  1. If you are not financially savvy and your spouse handled most of the finances at home, talk to someone who is financially savvy. Our Mr. Javern Sim is a chartered accountant who has a firm grasp of numbers. Being a former MOE school teacher, he will ensure that you understand the financial aspects of your divorce in no time!
  2. Don’t let your emotions take over. You may be angry with your spouse over what he/ she did. However, try to reach a favourable settlement out of Court. You do not need to hurt your pocket.
  3. Get an affordable divorce lawyer Singapore who is able to offer you the help you need.

See: Emmie Martin, “7 things you should never do if you’re about to get divorced”, Business Insider Singapore, 9 February 2017

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