What will I get if I Sue for Adultery Singapore?

“What can I get when I sue for adultery Singapore?”

I regularly get this question from clients.

In a recent article I read, a Moroccan woman was sentenced to jail for allegedly committing adultery. Her husband, Kuwaiti diplomat Sadiq M. Marafi, had sued for adultery. Marafi claimed that one of his children is the result of an affair between Hind El-Achchabi and her lover.

El-Achchabi is now in prison in Morocco.

In fact, even El-Achchabi’s alleged lover, Mohsin Karim Bennani was handed a 7-month prison term for adultery.

Under Moroccan law, adultery can be punished by an imprisonment term of up to 2 years.

See: Dave Burke, “Kuwaiti ambassador to Austria puts his glamorous ex-wife behind bars in Morocco after claiming she cheated on him during their marriage”, Mailonline, 29 March 2017

Sue for adultery Singapore

In Singapore, adultery has limited impact on division of assets, custody of children, access to children and maintenance unless the adultery directly affected a person’s contributions to the family or parental responsibility.

For instance, if a man were to spend all his money on his alleged mistress and failed to maintain the family or financially contribute to the matrimonial assets, he will likely receive a lower proportion of the matrimonial assets.

Similarly, a woman who, under the influence of her lover, abuses her children will have a much lower chance of securing the care and control of her children.

If you decide to sue for adultery Singapore, you may get a divorce based on your spouse’s adultery.

To find out whether you have the necessary evidence to sue for adultery Singapore, and what you will get if you sue for adultery Singapore, contact us today!

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