Footballer’s Wife Asked For Him To Be Sacked! Adultery Stories in Singapore

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have heard many adultery stories in Singapore.

In many adultery stories in Singapore, the party betrayed tried to get back at the unfaithful spouse.

On many occasions, a betrayed wife would ask me if she is able to obtain a higher sum of maintenance from her straying husband. On the other hand, betrayed husbands would request for a higher percentage in the division of matrimonial assets.

In some extreme cases, the betrayed spouse would even attempt to “damage” the unfaithful spouse’s career.

Recently, I read an article on Jiang Zhipeng- a popular national football player for China.

Jiang allegedly had an extramarital affair. In a World Cup qualifying game against Iran, Jiang headed the ball into the path of an Iranian player who scored, resulting in a 0-1 defeat for China.

Shortly after, Jiang’s wife, Zhang Zhiyue posted an allegation on Weibo. She alleged that Jiang had filed for divorce against her because of his mistress, Xiao Bing.

In Zhang’s words: “In nearly three-and-a-half years out of four-year marriage, he was sleeping with other women and now he is trying to drive me to an early grave despite our decades-long relationship.” Zhang posted several photographs of Jiang and Xiao.

Zhang publicly implored the Chinese Football Association and Guangzhou R&F to expel Jiang from the Chinese national team and his football club.

See: Harry Sherlock, “China star’s wife begs FA to ban him over affair”, Goal, 29 March 2017

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