Get to Know Men’s and Women’s Rights in Singapore

Women’s rights in Singapore during marriage? Men’s rights in Singapore in divorce proceedings?

A book targeting young adults on the issues of family law was published early this year. The author is Jennifer Yeo whose husband is Mr George Yeo, former foreign minister of Singapore.

High rate of divorce in Singapore

An average of 7000 couples file for divorce in Singapore each year. In 2015, there were 7,522 divorces and annulments- the third highest annual figure in Singapore. 16.1% of marriages end within the first 10 years.

Many Singaporeans are also getting married later or staying single.

Mrs Yeo’s book aim to equip Singaporeans with basic knowledge on family law so that readers understand their rights when things turn sour and what marriage entails.

In the book, Mrs Yeo discusses some interesting cases, including:

  1. A divorce that was granted before the marriage reaches the 3-year mark due to exceptional reasons. (Note: to file a divorce in Singapore, you have to be married for at least 3 years, in the absence of exceptional reasons.)
  2. A young child who was sent to 2 schools because her parents disagreed on which school the child should go to. In the end, the care and control of the child was given to the mother and the child no longer had to attend 2 schools.

See: Janice Tai, “Getting married? Know your rights, obligations”, The Straits Times, 3 February 2017

Men’s and Women’s rights in Singapore

Questions on women’s rights in Singapore during the divorce? Or men’s rights in Singapore while married?

For issues relating to children’s custody and access, find out here!

If you have questions on maintenance/ alimony, click here to find out more!

We have also written extensively on family violence, matrimonial assetsdivorce, separation, adultery and unreasonable behaviour in Singapore.

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