Best Age to Get Married in Singapore

What is the best age to get married in Singapore?

According to a study, the best age to get married in Singapore (and the rest of the world) is between the ages of 28 and 32. It is the best age to get married if you do not want to get divorced in the first 5 years. This is what statistics show.

Nick Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah, published his research with the Institute of Family Studies. In general, sociologists believe that having a longer runway to marriage result in more stability. Hence, for those who are still single after dating for a long time, your marriage will likely last!

According to the study, the odds of getting a divorce goes up by about 5% should you get married after 32.

There are many reasons why people who get married between 28 and 32 are less likely to get a divorce:

  1. They are old enough to understand if they truly get along with their partners, or are just infatuated.
  2. They have already made some serious choices in life and have taken on some responsibilities.
  3. They may be financially stable to take care of their partner should the need arise.
  4. They are not that old. Hence, chances are they are able to make some adjustments in habits and lifestyle.
  5. They are less likely to have ex-spouses or children to look after.

See: Belinda Luscombe, “Math Says This Is the Perfect Age to Get Married”, TIME, 10 February 2016

What is the best age to get married in Singapore?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore who has dealt with many cases, I have seen couples of all ages file for divorce.

While it is difficult to define the best age to get married in Singapore, it is advisable for couples getting married to have a prenuptial agreement prepared so as to safeguard their interests in the event of separation/ divorce.

A prenuptial agreement may even lead to less arguments between couples, since couples would know their responsibilities in the marriage.

For more information on prenuptial agreements in Singapore, contact us today!

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