Women’s Charter Personal Protection Order- Contact us to find out more!

Many clients are keen to know more about the Women’s Charter Personal Protection Order. What is the Women’s Charter Personal Protection Order? Essentially, if you have been hurt, placed in fear of hurt, wrongfully restrained/ confined or continually harassed by a family member, you can make an application for a personal protection order. Family members … Read more

Family Court PPO- Should you apply for one?

Many of my clients wonder what the point of getting a Family Court PPO is. After a Family Court PPO does not ensure that you get 24-hour protection from an aggressor. Well, if you are granted a Family Court PPO and the aggressor contravenes the Family Court PPO, there is a possibility that he/ she … Read more

What is Personal Protection Order?

Many of my clients asked me: What is personal protection order? What is personal protection order? A personal protection order is granted if family violence has been committed, or is likely to be committed and a personal protection order is required for your protection. Once a personal protection order is granted, it cannot be breached. … Read more

Child Abuse in Singapore- Find out how to protect a Child

What should you do if your child is a victim of child abuse in Singapore? What constitutes child abuse in Singapore? Child Abuse in Singapore Simply put, child abuse in Singapore happens when a child is hurt. The exception to this is the “lawful correction of a child” for the purpose of teaching the child’s … Read more

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