Genesis Shen

Lawyer, Templars Law LLC

Through his years of practice, Genesis has handled numerous divorce cases, both uncontested and contested. Genesis is familiar with the emotional needs of his clients, and will be able to help clients to navigate the psychological roller coaster that sometimes results from a bitter divorce battle. As an experienced negotiator and a trained mediator, Genesis is able to assist clients to obtain a favourable outcome without the costs usually associated with a lengthy legal battle in Court. Genesis is experienced in both local as well as international divorces, having battled unscrupulous spouses who attempt to hide their assets and depress their income.


  • Advocate and Solicitor (Singapore)
  • L.L.B Hons National University of Singapore

Experience & Expertise

Genesis is proficient in various areas of Family Practice including but not limited to:

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Separation
  • Annulment
  • Personal Protection Orders (PPO)
  • Maintenance Summons (MSS)
  • Divorce Litigation
  • Division of Matrimonial Assets
  • Determination of Pre-Marital Assets
  • Maintenance for Wife and Children
  • Variation of Maintenance Orders
  • Custody, Care and Control of Children
  • Relocation of Children


  • Member of the Law Society of Singapore
  • Member of the Singapore Academy of Law

Notable Cases

1. TGT v TGU [2015] SGHCF 10

In a complex international case over the maintenance of a child from Hong Kong, Genesis successfully argued in the High Court that the  proceedings in Singapore should be stayed on the grounds of forum non conveniens. The decision was subsequently upheld in the Court of Appeal.

2. Originating Summons No. 72/2015, 39/2015

When an expatriate family breaks up, it is often the Children who are pulled in different directions. That was precisely what our client encountered, when his wife wanted to continue living in high-maintenance Singapore even after he had lost his well-paid expatriate employment. The bitter contests between husband and wife eventually affected the Children, who were torn between which parent to follow.

3. Divorce Suit No. 3486/2014

Our client faced a complex situation where his wife had allegedly hidden away a large stash of wealth in numerous overseas bank accounts. Much forensic accounting was required in order to unravel a master scheme almost a decade in the making.

4. Divorce Suit No. 2748/2013

In a painfully acrimonious divorce battle between two feuding parties that lasted more than 3 years, Genesis managed to safely guide his client through the emotional roller coaster ride to a favourable outcome.