Evidence of Adultery in Singapore- What can you use to support your case?

Recently, I read an article on how a young lady exposed her twin sister who was cheating on her boyfriend using the evidence in her hand phone. I have many clients who asked me about what constitute good evidence of adultery in Singapore.

Case study: Charmaine (not her real name)

Charmaine was a junior lawyer in a big firm. She was wild and would flirt with other men openly, even when she was with her fiancé (Mark). She would even go to the extent of giving her mobile number freely to men and telling that she wanted to sleep with them.

When Claudia (Charmaine’s sister) confronted her, Charmaine admitted to cheating on Mark. She said that she felt “trapped” in the relationship and did not want to give up her freedom. When Charmaine went to take a shower, Claudia checked her phone and found out that Charmaine had sent topless photographs of herself to several men. Claudia felt bad for Mark.

Mark was a good man who had made plans for Charmaine and himself. He had wanted to start a family with Charmaine and migrate to Australia with her.

Finally, a month before the wedding, Claudia and the couple were alone in the living room in their parents’ home. As they talked about how excited Charmaine was about the wedding, Claudia asked: “So why are you cheating on Mark then?”

Claudia asked Mark to check Charmaine’s phone. Mark grabbed the phone and scrolled through the text messages. With pain in his eyes, he asked Charmaine: “How could you do this to me?”

Charmaine tried to explained but Mark got up and left the house. The wedding was called off.

Claudia knew she did the right thing.

See: Melissa Wong, “I exposed my adulterous sister right before her wedding”, Her World Plus, 25 June 2017

Evidence of Adultery in Singapore

Adultery is proven if you can show that your spouse had sexual intercourse with another person during the marriage. Some of my clients have screenshots of improper text messages in their spouse’s phone. Whether the text messages constitute evidence of adultery in Singapore, the context must be examined.

In general, written confessions, photographs, voice & video recordings, text messages and private investigators’ reports can be used as evidence of adultery in Singapore, if they show that your spouse had consensual sexual intercourse with another person.

Even if adultery cannot be proven, you may still use the evidence gathered to prove your spouse’s improper association with another person and file for divorce under unreasonable behaviour.

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