Writ of Nullity Singapore- Are You Eligible to Go For Annulment?

Under what circumstances can you file a Writ of Nullity Singapore for an annulment in Singapore?

Writ of Nullity Singapore

You can file a Writ of Nullity Singapore if your marriage is voidable under the Women’s Charter Singapore. Your marriage is voidable if:

  1. Your marriage was not consummated because your spouse refuses to have sex with you after the marriage;
  2. Either party is not able to consummate the marriage (because of psychological or physical reasons);
  3. There was no valid consent to the marriage;
  4. One party had STD and the other party did not know; or
  5. The wife was pregnant with the child of another man and the husband did not know.

You can also file a Writ of Nullity Singapore if your marriage is void under the Women’s Charter Singapore. Your marriage is void if:

  1. It is a same sex marriage or if one party was already married;
  2. 2 Muslims got married under the Women’s Charter Singapore;
  3. Husband and wife were too closely related to be married (eg, a marriage between siblings); or
  4. Technical requirements (eg, valid marriage license, 2 witnesses to the solemnization of the marriage) were not met.

Story of the Morrisons- Plural Marriages

Recently I read the story of the Morrisons, a family of 4 adults and 12 children living at Rockland Ranch. The Morrisons live in a community with 15 fundamentalist Mormon families of which almost half practise polygamy.

The Mormon fundamentalists believe that plural marriage “helps them come closer to God by becoming more selfless, overcoming the human struggles with jealousy and insecurity, and learning to put others before themselves.”

See: Jane Mulkerrins, “Can polygamy ever work? Inside Utah’s fundamentalist Mormon community where multiple marriages are a way of life”, The Telegraph, 23 March 2017

Plural marriages are not allowed under the Women’s Chrter Singapore and you can file a Writ of Nullity Singapore if you find out that your spouse is in plural marriages.

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