Separated Over Trump? Find Out About Separation Agreement Singapore

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have seen couples separate for various reasons. There are many reasons one enter into a separation agreement Singapore. Some reasons, however, are more surprising than others.

Getting a separation because of Trump

Recently, I read an article on Independent, wherein a wife left her husband after a 22-year marriage because her husband voted for Trump in the recent US presidential election.

Gayle McCormick is a retired prison guard in California and a Democrat. She was shocked when her husband casually mentioned during a lunch with their friends that he was going to vote for Donald Trump.

McCormick, 73, felt “betrayed” by her husband’s support for Trump. She said: “It totally undid me that he could vote for Trump”.

McCormick added: “I felt like I had been fooling myself. It opened up areas between us I had not faced before. I realised how far I had not faced before. I realised how far I had gone in my life to accept things I would have never accepted when I was younger.”

The election was truly divisive!

See: John Whitesides, “Wife leaves husband of 22 years because he voted for Donald Trump”, Independent, 8 February 2017

Separation agreement Singapore

I have not seen any Singaporean enter into a separation agreement Singapore as a result of a general election/ presidential election!

Generally, a couple enter into a separation agreement Singapore as they have formed the intention to divorce in the future, but are not able to do so because:

  1. Their children are facing a major examination in the near future and a divorce will have an impact on their children’s lives.
  2. They wish to divorce only after their HDB flats reach their MOP (Minimum Occupancy Period) of 5 years. This is so that they are able to sell the flat in the open market.
  3. They have not reached the mandatory 3-year mark for divorce. A couple can only file for divorce in Singapore if they have been married for a minimum period of 3 years.
  4. They want to “cool-off” and think about their options before making a decision on the marriage.

Whatever their reasons for entering into a separation agreement Singapore, a separation agreement Singapore serves to protect their interests.

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