Share this on WhatsAppHow does divorce property settlement in Singapore work? Glenn Briers built his 10 million pounds fashion empire. 2.7 million pounds of his assets was recently awarded to his ex-wife, whom he divorced more than 10 years ago! What happened? The shock More than 10 years ago, he divorced his ex-wife, Nicola. At that point, his company was worth little more than 1 million pounds. Briers gave Nicola the 600,000 pounds family home and a salary of 10,000 pounds every year. He provided child maintenance for their children. He thought that was the end. Until early this year
Share this on WhatsAppI regularly have clients asked me this- what constitutes separation in Singapore? Separation in Singapore is not only about being physically separated. It is also about being emotionally separated. The couple who are forced to live separate lives One good case that may illustrate this is that of Scott and Johanna Watkins. Johanna is allergic to her husband. She suffers from the Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, a rare disorder of the immune system. This means that she is allergic to almost everything, including the scent of her husband. She cannot be in the same room as her
Share this on WhatsAppIs polygamy Singapore legal? What can you do if you find out that your spouse is married to someone else other than you? Death of Mr Khokon Mr Khokon died over 2.5 years ago but his body is still at the mortuary of Dhaka Medical College. 2 women have been fighting a legal battle to claim the body. They are Hindu and Muslim respectively. Both women claim to be Mr Khokon’s wife. The person who succeeds in her claim for Mr Khokon’s body will be able to conduct Mr Khokon’s funeral. Mr Khokon was the owner of
Share this on WhatsAppOne of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce in Singapore involves extramarital affairs in Singapore. Most people cannot stand sharing their partners with someone else. “Freedom” There is however a man from the UK who has an unbelievable tolerance of affairs. Adam Gillet allows his make-up artist girlfriend to have sex with anyone she likes. Beatrice Gibbs has been allowed by Gillet to sleep with 5 different men over the last 1.5 years! She kisses up to 6 men every night and “could not resist other men”. Gibbs persuaded Gillet to give her this “freedom” after
Share this on WhatsAppHow do you get a fast divorce Singapore? In the US, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose to hire a private judge to speed up the divorce. In a joint statement, the couple said that doing so would “facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.” Having a private judge allows for a certain degree of confidentiality as personal and private details of the couple’s divorce are kept away from the public eye. Further, having a private judge allows the parties to expedite their divorce as they are able to simply schedule an appointment without waiting for
Share this on WhatsAppMust divorced parents in Singapore pay for the maintenance of children above 21 years old? Caitlyn Ricci’s parents are divorced. Financed by her grandparents, she successfully sued her parents in the US to pay $16,000 of her tuition fees. She won based on a 1982 case which states that divorced parents have the legal responsibility to pay for their children’s tuition. Caitlyn’s parents appealed, saying that the decision was unconstitutional and refused to pay. Ricci, in return, sued her parents for contempt of court. Her father, when interviewed, indicated that he was not going to give any
Share this on WhatsAppWhat happens to inheritance in divorce Singapore? Recently in the UK, a divorcee found out that she might lose her home which was bought with inheritance she received from her dead mother. Doreen Crowther’s mother’s dying wish was for Crowther’s husband, Robert Crowther, to receive nothing from it. Robert is on benefits. Doreen and Robert got married in 1997 and separated in 2007. They bought a 4-bedder house in 2002 with inheritance received from Doreen’s mother. After the couple divorced, Doreen insisted that Robert was not entitled to anything from the home as she considered it to
Share this on WhatsAppAngelina Jolie has reportedly demanded Brad Pitt to pay a monthly amount of $100,000 for child support! According to reports, Jolie wants full custody of the couple’s 6 children. Other than the $100,000 monthly maintenance for the children, the 41-year-old actress wants an initial amount for the children’s trust funds and an annual amount of $250,000 to be deposited in the trust with a $5 million cap. On the other hand, Pitt wants to have the money put directly into the trust funds, instead of to Jolie. He is still seeking joint custody of the children. See:
Share this on WhatsAppCan a man, as a husband, make an application for PPO? PPO Singapore for Husband? An Indian woman in Tamil Nadu, India, was reported to have beaten up her 55-year-old husband when he requested for lunch. She even threw chili powder into his eyes! The couple were estranged but continued living in the same house. When the husband asked to be served lunch as he did not have money to have his meal outside, the couple had an argument. Eventually, the wife beat up her husband together with her relatives. The wife, along with 5 of her
Share this on WhatsAppPreparing for divorce Singapore? There were 7.522 divorces and annulments in Singapore in 2016. This represents a 3% increase from 2014. According to experts, there are 8 things a woman should know prior to filing for divorce in Singapore. Ask yourself if the problems can be solved Divorce need not be the only option. Why do you want a divorce? Find out if it is possible to resolve your differences through counselling. Know what is best for you While family and friends will provide ideas on what is best for you, the only one who knows what