Share this on WhatsAppIs spousal maintenance Singapore compulsory? How is the amount of spousal maintenance Singapore determined? Spousal maintenance Singapore In general, spousal maintenance Singapore is not a given. This means that not all divorced women are entitled to spousal maintenance Singapore. The following factors will be taken into account by the Court in deciding whether spousal maintenance Singapore will be given, and if so, how much. Financial means of the parties; Financial needs of the parties; Standard of living enjoyed by the family previously; Age of the parties and length of marriage; Any disability of the parties; and The
Share this on WhatsAppOne of the key questions that comes up during divorce proceedings is on child maintenance. What factors determine child maintenance fee in Singapore? Child maintenance fee in Singapore Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, every parent has the duty to maintain or contribute to the living expenses of his/ her child, regardless of whether he/ she has custody and whether the child is legitimate or not. Child maintenance fee in Singapore is payable until the age of 21, unless: The child is mentally or physically disabled; The child is or will be serving full-time NS (national service); The
Share this on WhatsAppThinking about filing for annulment in Singapore? The most common reason used by people filing for annulment in Singapore is the reason of one party’s wilful refusal to consummate (or have sex) with the other after marriage. Only the person who got refused can file. In other words, if you are the one who refused to consummate the marriage, you cannot use the reason of “wilful refusal” to file for annulment in Singapore. What if you have a child? This depends on whether yours is a shotgun marriage. For example, if you and your spouse had a
Share this on WhatsAppLooking for an affordable divorce lawyer Singapore? You have come to the right website. Affordable divorce lawyer Singapore As an affordable divorce lawyer Singapore, I offer fixed-fee deals for divorces, annulments and a wide range of other family law services. Our rates are as follows: Uncontested divorce: S$1,200 NET- no hidden charges Uncontested annulment: S$1,500 NET- no hidden charges Contested divorce (with a full settlement at mediation): capped at S$5,850 NET The above costs are net. This means that you will not be asked to be an additional cent for your divorce/ annulment. GST, photocopying charges and
Share this on WhatsAppCan you engage a government divorce lawyer Singapore? If you are thinking of engaging a government divorce lawyer Singapore, you are probably thinking about qualifying for legal aid. Government divorce lawyer Singapore In general, you may only engage a government divorce lawyer Singapore if you are: A Singapore citizen or PR (permanent resident) in Singapore; and You satisfy the Means Test and Merits Test. Means test to engage a government divorce lawyer Singapore To engage a government divorce lawyer Singapore, you would have to fulfil certain financial eligibility criteria. As at now, you may only be considered
Share this on WhatsAppAs a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have been asked many times about my opinion on the Women’s Charter Singapore. Many of my clients asked me: is the Women’s Charter unfair? The Women’s Charter Singapore has evolved over the years. The issues that most of my clients are concerned about are governed by the Women’s Charter Singapore. Is the Women’s Charter unfair?- Division of matrimonial assets Under Section 112 of the Women’s Charter, the Family Justice Courts need to consider the following factors in deciding how matrimonial assets are to be divided: Contributions by each party towards
Share this on WhatsAppAs a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I explain the meaning of Interim Judgment to my clients on a regular basis. Meaning of Interim Judgment Should the Court find sufficient ground for divorce, the Court will grant an interim judgment. Uncontested divorce Singapore If you go through an uncontested divorce, the Court will grant an interim judgment after the uncontested divorce hearing. In the Interim Judgement, the Judge will pronounce that the divorce is dissolved by reason that: Parties have been separated for a period of 3 years (with consent)/ 4 years; One/ both parties have behaved in
Share this on WhatsAppCan you get a divorce without consent Singapore? Yes that is possible. On average, more than 7,000 marriages are ended through the process of annulment and divorce every year in Singapore. Statistics show that if one party wants a divorce badly, a divorce without consent Singapore can still be obtained in most cases. A divorce application was only thrown out in 10 cases from 2011 to 2013. Usually in such cases, the case does not satisfy legal requirements or there is insufficient evidence. In one case, a former banker filed a divorce without consent Singapore. His wife
Share this on WhatsAppOne of the top concerns of my clients who have care and control of their children is the HDB single parent scheme. Petition by Aware The Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) will be starting a petition to request for changes to help single parents in Singapore rent or buy HDB flats. The changes in policies that Aware are pushing for include: raising the $1,500 monthly income cap for divorced parents with custody to be allowed to rent from HDB after their flats are sold, without waiting for 5 years. Having unwed mothers with children
Share this on WhatsAppAs a family lawyer in Singapore, I have come across many cases of a child born out of wedlock Singapore. Story of Lorraine Tan (not her real name) Little Lorraine Tan is a child born out of wedlock Singapore. Her biological mother recently adopted her and they will be treated as a “family nucleus”. Most unwed parents in Singapore adopt their child after they marry their partner (non-biological parent of the child) and they want him/ her to become a legal parent of the child. Cases similar to that of Lorraine Tan are not usual. Lorraine Tan’s