Share this on WhatsAppWhat is the main cause of divorce in Singapore? A study by the Ministry of Social and Family Development concluded that those who married in their younger days run a higher risk of divorce. For instance, the divorce rate of men who get married between the age of 20 and 24 is twice that of those who wed when they are above 25. At the rosy stages of their romance, young couples tend to be unaware of/ ignore the alarm bells. They later find out that they lack the financial resources needed to sustain a family. Younger
Share this on WhatsAppChild custody for fathers Singapore? In Singapore, joint custody is the norm. Custody refers to the right to make major decisions on behalf of a child (such as education, religion and medical). What many parents are concerned about is “care and control”. If you have care and control of the child, you get to live with your child. If you do not have care and control of your child, you will have regular access to your child. I have come across many fathers who think that mothers have an edge over them in terms of care and
Share this on WhatsAppHow are alcoholism and divorce in Singapore connected? According to lawyers in the UK, 1 in 7 divorces is a result of the wife’s alcoholism. Divorce trends in England and Wales show trends involving alcoholism and divorce Overall divorce rates have decreased. However, more husbands are filing for divorce against their wives based on their wives’ unreasonable behaviour. Many of such cases are a result of the wives’ alcoholism. 47% of divorces in England and Wales are based on unreasonable behaviour. 14% of divorces in England and Wales were based on the unreasonable behaviour of wives. UK lawyers
Share this on WhatsAppHistory of depression and custody in Singapore- how does depression affect custody in Singapore? Case of Wang Chan Foo Wang Chan Foo was suffering from depression. He had a history of depression for over a year. In 2016, he killed his wife, Ng, before taking his own life. On 22 March 2017, State Coroner Marvin Bay delivered his findings. He found that the double deaths were committed by Wang for unknown reasons. Wang had been separated from his wife since 2012, even though they were living under the same roof. The couple had 2 children, aged 13
Share this on WhatsAppAre you considering marriage counselling Singapore? You are not alone. Marriage counselling in China It was reported earlier that 3.84 million couples in China ended their marriage in 2015. In comparison, 2.87 million couples in China divorced in 2011. While the number of couples filing for divorce in China has increased drastically, the number of couples tying the knot in Beijing has increased to 56,000 in 2015, from 32,000 in 2010. In Shanghai, 60,400 couples wed in 2013. Marriage counsellors in China say that they have noticed a rise in the number of married couples seeking help.
Share this on WhatsAppWomen’s rights in Singapore during marriage? Men’s rights in Singapore in divorce proceedings? A book targeting young adults on the issues of family law was published early this year. The author is Jennifer Yeo whose husband is Mr George Yeo, former foreign minister of Singapore. High rate of divorce in Singapore An average of 7000 couples file for divorce in Singapore each year. In 2015, there were 7,522 divorces and annulments- the third highest annual figure in Singapore. 16.1% of marriages end within the first 10 years. Many Singaporeans are also getting married later or staying single.
Share this on WhatsAppWhat is an uncontested divorce Singapore? In an uncontested divorce Singapore, divorce proceedings are simplified. Husband and wife agrees on the reason(s) for divorce and the divorce proceeds on the agreed reason(s). Step 1: Husband and wife agrees on the divorce and the terms of the divorce (involving children, assets and alimony) Step 2: Divorce lawyer Singapore is informed on the terms. Divorce lawyer Singapore drafts the divorce papers. Step 3: Signing is done at the lawyer’s office. Step 4: Papers are submitted to the Family Justice Courts. Step 5: Divorce judgment is granted. Both parties need
Share this on WhatsAppPrivate investigator Singapore If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, you may wish to engage a private investigator Singapore. It is not cheap to hire a private investigator Singapore. A private investigator Singapore could charge thousands of dollars for a local investigation. If you need the private investigator to conduct overseas investigation on your spouse, the fees could be as high as $20,000 to $30,000! Be your own private investigator Singapore? It was recently reported that a French businessman is suing Uber after a bug in the app caused his affair to be discovered
Share this on WhatsAppWhat constitutes good proof of adultery in divorce Singapore? Confession? Mohammed Anas is a Ghanaian footballer playing in the South African Premier League. After scoring 2 goals to help his team earn a draw away to Ajax Cape Town, he was named man of the match. In his interview after the match, he thanked both his wife and his girlfriend! Anas said: “And I appreciate my fans also, my wife and my girlfriend… yeah my wife. Sorry for saying that! I’m so sorry… I love you so much with all my heart!” The interview speech went viral.
Share this on WhatsAppWhat are some reasons for high divorce rate in Singapore? According to a study, there is a greater likelihood of divorce for women who get married for the 1st time when they are extremely young (between the age of 15 and 20) or above the age of 45. The study was conducted by Philip N. Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland. On average, for American women in the age groups, the marriage lasts between 1 and 10 years. In a separate study, it was shown that the chances of divorce will be lower for people