Share this on WhatsAppIs there mandatory counselling before divorce Singapore? There is no mandatory counselling before divorce Singapore for couples who have an agreement on all divorce terms. For those who have at least one child under the age of 14, and do not have an agreement on all divorce terms, the person filing for divorce needs to attend the mandatory parenting programme. The mandatory parenting programme is a consultation session designed to encourage divorcing couples to prioritize the welfare of their children and make informed decisions before they file for divorce in Singapore. The 2-hour session is conducted by
Share this on WhatsAppSection 112 Women’s Charter Singapore If you are searching for information on division of matrimonial assets in Singapore, you should have a look at Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore. What does Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore say? Under Section 112 Women’s Charter Singapore, the Courts have the power to order the division of matrimonial assets and in doing so, the Courts shall consider: The contributions (direct financial or indirect) made by each party; The needs of children; Debts incurred by either party for the benefit of the other party or the child of the marriage; Any agreements
Share this on WhatsAppIs forgiveness in marriage desirable? A study shows that forgiveness in marriage is likely to lead to negative behaviours being repeated. 135 newlyweds were told to keep daily diaries showing how they interacted with each other. They were supposed to record the “negative” things did by their partners. Those who forgave their spouses were twice as likely to report the “misbehaviour” on the following day as they held a grudge. Associate Professor of Psychology James McNulty said that “forgiveness allows relatively negative partners to continue their negative behaviours, ultimately harming the relationship”. Well, does this suggest that
Share this on WhatsAppDoes domestic violence affect divorce? The short answer is yes. Domestic violence is a form of unreasonable behaviour, which you can use to show the Court that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. In other words, you can use the reason of domestic violence on the part of your spouse to file for divorce in Singapore. It was recently reported that Malaysian singer Aliff Aziz was arrested for assaulting his wife Bella Astillah. According to reports, Bella was in confinement after giving birth. She had gone to the karaoke lounge to look for her husband and discovered
Share this on WhatsAppIs life better after divorce? I recently read the story of Jen White who got a divorce 2 years ago. She was previously married for 5 years. A few weeks after giving birth to her daughter, White found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman. This eventually led to her divorce. So what happened after her divorce? Is life better after divorce? White’s life became better and improved in many ways. She: Bought a house; Decreased her debts; Wrote a book and published it with a major publisher; Spent more time with her
Share this on WhatsAppI receive many enquiries on family law matters every day. One of the most frequent questions from the enquirers is: How to get a copy of divorce papers in Singapore? How to get a copy of divorce papers in Singapore? This really depends on the situation. Scenario 1 If you are the one filing for a divorce, and you have a lawyer, you should be able to get a copy of the divorce papers from your lawyer. Scenario 2 If you are not the one filing for a divorce, and your spouse has a lawyer, your spouse’s
Share this on WhatsAppHow to get on with your life after divorce? I have heard this question many times. As a family lawyer in Singapore, I wear many hats. Other than being my clients’ legal advisers, I am also their counsellor and friend in need. How to get on with your life after divorce? To get on with your life after divorce, you need to realize that it is not the end of the world. Research has shown that singlehood brings with it a range of benefits. Bella DePaulo, psychologist at the University of California Santa Barbara, looked at more
Share this on WhatsAppWhat are access evaluation reports? Generally, access evaluation reports are prepared by trained counsellors who are trained in preparing access evaluation reports. Access evaluation reports can be helpful to the Courts in resolving disputes involving access: Should there be access? How long should the access be? Should access be supervised? Should there be overnight access? Should there be overseas access? Access evaluation reports are generally suitable: For children who are able to express himself/ herself well verbally; There are allegations of “brain-washing” by one parent; and/ or In very acrimonious custody and access disputes. From my experience
Share this on WhatsAppIn recent years, I have seen more clients come to me for a divorce because they are in what they call a marriage without sexual intimacy. Is no sex in marriage one of the grounds for divorce in Singapore? Now, it is important to note that there is only one ground for divorce in Singapore- the irretrievable breakdown of marriage. To prove irretrievable breakdown of marriage in Singapore, you can use one of the following facts: Unreasonable behaviour on the part of your spouse; Adultery on the part of your spouse; Desertion; Separation for a period of
Share this on WhatsAppWhat is the best age difference for successful marriage? Best Age Difference for Successful Marriage Have you heard of the “half their age plus seven” rule? Essentially, this means that if a man is 30, he should date a woman who is 22 (half of 30 plus seven). Recent research conducted by Christian Rudder, the co-founder of dating website OKCupid, shows that female users of the site look for men who are roughly the same age or slightly older (a year or two) while men generally prefer women who are in their early 20s, regardless of how