Share this on WhatsAppSometimes, I get asked by clients about how to move forward after divorce. Truth is, nobody gets married thinking about a divorce. Divorce can be especially painful if everyone around you is happily married Gwen Stefani on her failed marriage After her recent divorce, Gwen Stefani said that marriage was the one thing she did not want to fail at. In an interview with Glamour magazine, she admitted that her divorce made her feel embarrassed. Stefani often looked at her parents who have been married for more than 50 years. Their success at marriage made it even
Share this on WhatsAppIs it possible to engage a $1 lawyer Singapore? $1 lawyer Singapore Typically, when people talk about a $1 lawyer Singapore, they are either referring to: A lawyer who is working on a pro bono basis. For instance, you have a friend who is a lawyer. The lawyer agrees to act for you for free. However, do you just pay $1? Do note that to file a divorce, your lawyer would have to pay for: Filing fees (for papers to be submitted to Court), Commissioning fees (payable to the Commissioner of Oaths who witness your signing of
Share this on WhatsAppSearching the internet for divorce lawyer Singapore review? It is understandable. Most people would want a “tried-and-tested” lawyer. In your search for a good divorce lawyer Singapore review, you may find conflicting reviews of the same lawyer. Some people may find a lawyer to be patient and meticulous, while another may feel that the particular lawyer is expensive and never around. This is normal. Even the most popular prime minister will not receive 100% of the country’s votes during a General Election. People will have different opinions about the same lawyer. Divorce Lawyer Singapore Review- Objective Criteria
Share this on WhatsAppAs a divorce lawyer Singapore, I handle at least 20 divorces every month. One of the first questions my clients have in mind is: How to file for divorce in Singapore? My clients range from those in their early 20s to those in their late 60s. It is a trend. In the early 90s, divorce is taboo in many customs. Not many people file for divorces. Later on, it gets easier to file for divorce. Divorces are more widely acceptable. The number of divorces increases. The divorce rate in Singapore increases every year, even now. In UK,
Share this on WhatsAppWhat should you do if you receive a Writ of Divorce Singapore? Writ of Divorce Singapore A Writ of Divorce Singapore signifies the commencement of the divorce proceedings. If you receive a Writ of Divorce Singapore and you agree with the terms provided in the “Statement of Claim”, you may wish to inform your spouse’s lawyer. Your spouse’s lawyer will then arrange for you to execute a “Draft Consent Order” signifying your consent to the terms of divorce as proposed by your spouse. Should you not agree with the terms in the Statement of Claim (which is
Share this on WhatsAppAs a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have witnessed how divorces affect children. Children may be greatly affected if they are close to both parents, but forced to take sides. This is one of the reasons why the Ministry of Social and Family Development started the Children in Between Programme Singapore. Case study The case of “Caught In The Middle”, a college student who wrote to illustrates the predicament facing many children in Singapore. Caught In The Middle is a college student who has a younger brother. Her parents have divorced after 20 years of marriage.
Share this on WhatsAppAre you looking to engage 1 of the top 10 divorce lawyers in Singapore? If you are looking to engage 1 of the top 10 divorce lawyers in Singapore, you have come to the right place. Top 10 divorce lawyers in Singapore- EXPERIENCED On average, we handle about 250 to 300 family law cases per year. We are experienced in: Divorces; Annulments; Separation; Child custody matters, including relocation; Maintenance (alimony) issues; Division of assets; and Family violence cases.  Top 10 divorce lawyers in Singapore- LOW COSTS We believe in not overcharging. It costs just $1,200 net for
Share this on WhatsAppWhat will happen to care and control of child Singapore after the divorce? Is it possible to have shared care and control of child Singapore? Recently, a Judge in Hong Kong ruled that a Singaporean mother should have sole care and control of child but denied her application to relocate with the child to Singapore. The couple are not married and the child’s Australian father had care and control previously. In the words of Hong Kong High Court Judge Bebe Pui Ying Chu, “the main obstacle to a shared or joint are and control order at this
Share this on WhatsAppFrom time to time, I receive questions on divorce unreasonable behaviour time limit. Essentially, my clients want to know if there is a time limit to file their divorce if they intend to rely on the unreasonable behaviour of their spouse. Divorce Unreasonable Behaviour Time Limit Under the Women’s Charter, to rely on the fact of your spouse’s unreasonable behaviour, you should not be living with your spouse for more than 6 months after the final incident of unreasonable behaviour. See: Section 95(6) of the Women’s Charter Singapore Example to Illustrate Divorce Unreasonable Behaviour Time Limit One
Share this on WhatsAppAs an annulment lawyer in Singapore, I see many clients seeking advice on annulment of marriage in Singapore. Differences between annulment of marriage in Singapore and divorce Annulment of marriage in Singapore voids the marriage. This means that the marriage is deemed never to have taken place. You become single again, rather than a divorcee. Annulment of marriage in Singapore can take place even when you are married for less than 3 years. To get a divorce in Singapore, you have to be married for more than 3 years. If you are a foreigner in Singapore, you