Share this on WhatsAppSome of my clients find it hard to adjust to being a single. Divorce certainly isn’t all gloom and doom. There are many benefits of being single. Benefits of being single Some of the benefits of being single are as follows: You are going to be more likely to support and stay in contact with your family. You are more likely to socialize with your friends and neighbours. In other words, a divorce frees you up and gives you more time to socialize. You will have more time on yourself. You will be able to pursue your
Share this on WhatsAppWhat are the obstacles facing a divorcee buying HDB flat? Tomoe Suzuki’s letter was recently published in the Straits Times forum page. In Ms Suzuki’s words, “it is the presence of the legal and policy distinctions between single/ unmarried parents and the traditional family nucleus that imposes tremendous costs on the state and society”. Ms Suzuki further opined that single parents “have many obstacles to surmount in order to have housing.” See: Tomoe Suzuki, “Non-traditional families are different, not ‘broken’”, The Straits Times, 13 October 2017 In many ways, this is true and this is a tricky
Share this on WhatsAppAs a divorce lawyer in Singapore, many of my friends asked me “what leads to a divorce”. What leads to a divorce? According to psychologist Eli Finkel, compatibility may not remain strong over time even if a couple were to start off strong. Most couples date for a few years before they are engaged. This is what Finkel calls a “snapshot”. This may not be representative of one’s overall life. During the dating period, you would not face problems which you would face when you are married. For instance, there is no crying toddler. Hence, even if
Share this on WhatsAppHow to divorce in Singapore? What is the fastest way to divorce in Singapore? Ms Eiliyah (not her real name) got a shock when her former husband ambushed her at a HDB void deck. She had been living with her parents to avoid his abuse when he called her down from her parents’ flat. When Eiliyah reached the void deck, her husband’s father and best friend came from behind a pillar where they were hiding as her husband uttered talak (an Arabic word to divorce Eiliyah). Muslim husbands have the unilateral right to say talak without proving
Share this on WhatsAppSearching online for the Singapore Wife Forum? If you are searching for the Singapore Wife Forum, you are probably looking to find information (or somebody talk to) in relation to your marital issues. Being a wife in Singapore is no mean task. Most wives in Singapore are working wives-mothers who wear 2 hats- that of a homemaker and a mother/ wife. Information which you may find on Singapore Wife Forum As a wife, you: Have the option to seek maintenance from your husband/ ex-husband. This does not mean that you will definitely be awarded maintenance- it just
Share this on WhatsAppSingaporean Marrying a Foreigner 30% of residents in Singapore are not citizens or permanent residents (PR). Hence, it is common for us to see a Singaporean marrying a foreigner. There are some common misconceptions involving such marriages. The marriage does not guarantee the foreign spouse permanent residence in Singapore. To check if your spouse will qualify for long-term stay in Singapore, you can use the ICA’s Pre-Marriage Long Term Visit Pass Assessment System. If your foreign spouse is eligible, he/ she will receive a Letter of LTVP Eligibility before marriage and it can be used to support
Share this on WhatsAppIf you are not able to agree on the terms of your divorce (or even the divorce itself), you may be heading in the direction of a contested divorce in Singapore. Contested Divorce in Singapore There are 2 stages to the contested divorce process in Singapore. In stage 1, the Court decide if there is sufficient ground for the divorce to be granted. Parties may disagree on the divorce if: 1 party wants a divorce while the other does not; or Both parties want a divorce but cannot agree on the ground of the divorce. A trial
Share this on WhatsAppDefinition of Interim Judgment Singapore The divorce process in Singapore is broken down into 2 stages. In stage 1, the Court decides if there are sufficient reasons to grant the divorce and the reasons for divorce. In stage 2, the Court decides on the ancillary issues (namely, children’s issues, maintenance (alimony) and division of matrimonial assets). Different Permutations In the event of an uncontested divorce Singapore- where all terms are agreed- the ancillary issues will be agreed by parties and made into a Court order at the Interim Judgment Singapore stage. In this case, it will take
Share this on WhatsAppWhat are the common types of unreasonable behaviour identified in divorce cases in Singapore? Common types of unreasonable behaviour Unreasonable behaviour does not have to be “extreme” and “dramatic”. If you wish to have an amicable divorce and you do not want to paint your spouse in a bad light, you may wish to agree with your spouse on the types of unreasonable behaviour to be used in the divorce proceedings. The following are some common types of unreasonable behaviour which couples in Singapore use to file for divorce in Singapore: “You take me for granted”: One
Share this on WhatsAppIs it possible to retain HDB flat after divorce? Yes! In general, any party who is above 35 years old and a Singapore citizen is allowed to retain HDB flat after divorce. You will also need to fulfil other HDB’s eligibility criteria. If you are not above 35 years old, but you have care and control of your child, you may also be able to retain HDB flat after divorce by forming a family nucleus with your child. More Changes? On 11 September 2017, a petition asking for more inclusive housing policies for divorced and unmarried parents