Life After Divorce in Singapore

What is life after divorce in Singapore like? According to a study on divorce in Singapore, sadness is the top negative feeling for divorcees in Singapore, even more than 6 months after the divorce. Dr Jessica Leong interviewed 19 respondents in 2011 and 2012. All in all, 134 divorcees took party in the study. Other … Read more

Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents in Singapore Reconnect With Their Parents

New Life Stories is a charity which helps incarcerated mothers in prison stay connected to their children. Salma (not her real name) is one such beneficiary from the programme. Salma was imprisoned for approximately 5 years for drug trafficking in 2010. Her husband was also incarcerated. 2 relatives took care of Salma’s children who were … Read more

Experiences Of A Single Dad

I came across an article on single father Michael Ray. Ray is 50 and he is the sole care-giver to Charlie, his 4 year-old daughter. In the article, Ray revealed the questions and comments he hears on a frequent basis. Some of the most common phrases include: “Are you babysitting today?” “Is Daddy in charge … Read more

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