What if Your Spouse is Uncontactable?

Can you get a divorce in Singapore if your spouse is uncontactable?

The answer is yes.

Of course, it would be really straightforward if your spouse is contactable and both parties are willing to proceed with the divorce on an uncontested basis.

In the event that your spouse is uncontactable, your divorce papers would have to be submitted to Court before you make an application to “dispense with service” of the Court documents on your spouse. This means asking the Court for permission not to serve the papers on your spouse because your spouse is uncontactable and you have no means of reaching him/ her. If the Court allows the application, a hearing date will be fixed and the divorce will proceed on an uncontested basis.

If you have a child and/ or joint assets with your spouse, the Court would have to listen to arguments from your lawyer on why your proposals with respect to the child and/ or joint assets should be adopted.

Case Study

Thai National Jariyaporn Buayai, 32, reportedly married 12 men and ran off with their dowries. The men had filed complaints against Jariyaporn, accusing her of tricking them into marrying her and running away subsequently.

One victim said that Jariyaporn had approached him on Facebook. Shortly after, they entered into a romantic relationship and asked him to invest in her business. They later got married and the man gave the woman 200,000 baht as dowry before telling him that she had to visit her hometown. That was the last time the man saw his runaway wife.

See: “Thai police arrest cheating bride who ran off with dowries: Report”, Channel News Asia, 11 September 2017

If the case were to take place in Singapore

In a case like this, the men may be able to file for divorce/ annulment using the “dispensation of service” route. Given that they do not have a child or joint properties with Jarivaporn, the Court may be able to grant the divorce/ annulment in Jarivaporn’s absence.

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