Annulment of Marriage Singapore

On average, 5 to 10 clients engage me to assist them with annulment of marriage Singapore.

Annulment of Marriage Singapore

Unlike divorce, annulment of marriage Singapore voids the marriage. This means that the marriage is deemed to have never taken place.

You do not need to be married for at least 3 years before you apply for annulment of marriage Singapore. In fact, I have had clients who applied for annulment of marriage 2 months after getting married.

Most Common Reason for Annulment of Marriage Singapore

The most common reason for annulment of marriage Singapore is one party’s wilful refusal to have sex, despite repeated attempts from the other party.

Now, one may wonder why anyone would refuse to consummate the marriage. I have seen couples whose marriage was never consummated due to:

  1. The involvement of a third party in the relationship;
  2. Parties having major quarrels prior to the marriage and reconciliation never happened after the solemnization of the marriage;
  3. Etc.

Recently, I read about Malaysian singer Hafiz Hamidun’s refusal to consummate the marriage due to his ex-wife Siti Arifah’s “uncertain marital status”. According to Hamidun, he did no see the “papers certifying her divorce from her first husband, a businessman with whom she has a child.” In Hamidun’s words, “I do not want the public to think that I was having illicit sex with the mother of a child. I annulled our marriage on July 13.”

See: “Hafiz says his marriage to Siti Arifah was never consummated”, The Star, 24 August 2017

Process for Annulment of Marriage Singapore

The process is not complicated. There are only 5 steps involved.

  1. Engage us. We will prepare the papers and you shall approve (or approve after amendments).
  2. The papers are submitted to Court and approved by the Court.
  3. Signing of papers takes place in our office. The signed papers are submitted to Court.
  4. A hearing date is fixed. Hearing takes place. Only the party who files for annulment of marriage Singapore is required to appear in Court.
  5. The Court grants the Annulment judgment.

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