Reasons for Annulment in Singapore

Many of my clients, especially those who are married for a period of less than 3 years, ask me what the reasons for annulment in Singapore are.

The common reasons for annulment in Singapore include one party’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage or incapacity to consummate the marriage. Such reasons for annulment render the marriage voidable.

Marriage formed out of pressure

In a few cases I handled, one party got married to the other out of pressure from the family. If they had a choice, they would not have gotten married to a member of the opposite sex as they are into same-sex relationships.

For instance, one of my clients told me that her husband is gay and had married her as his family wanted him to. After the marriage, the husband refused to consummate the marriage and this client of mine eventually opted for an annulment.

While some people are puzzled over why gays and lesbians opted to get married in the first place, I believe societal pressure plays a part.

Social experiment in London

Recently, a social experiment was conducted in London where 2 girls wandered around the capital while stopping to kiss each other occasionally. The younger generation were not really bothered but the older generation would turn their heads and talk about them. This made the 2 girls uncomfortable.

If people who are inclined towards same-sex relationships in the west would feel uncomfortable in the west, I believe they would similarly feel pressured in an Asian country like Singapore.

See: Rod Ardehali and Katherine Holley and Abdelraham Said, “Is lesbian love still shocking? Attractive same-sex couple engage in some passionate PDA around London as hidden cameras record the reactions of bystanders”, Mail Online, 21 March 2017

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