Single Parent in Singapore

Many of my divorced clients have children. For those who have care and control of their children, they are effectively single parents. How do you cope as a single parent in Singapore?

Rio Ferdinand- a single parent, but not as a result of divorce

For those of you who follow football, Rio Ferdinand would not be an unfamiliar name. The former player captained both England and Manchester United, winning 6 Premier League titles.

After the death of his wife Rebecca due to breast cancer, Ferdinand turned to alcohol and experienced guilt for her death.

38-year-old Ferdinand is now a single parent to his 3 children, Lorenz, 10, Tate, 8 and Tia, 5. He admitted during an interview with Radio Times that he is struggling to adapt to single parenting. In the documentary, Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad, Ferdinand revealed that he can now understand why people go to “dark places” after trauma and grief.

He further explained that within a complete family likes an organization and structure. While women are always thinking about what needs to be done, he would send the children to school and thought that he had done his bit. Now, even getting the children to sleep is tough as he did not know what Rebecca did in the past.

See: Lisa Mcloughlin, “’I was drinking a lot at night’: Tearful Rio Ferdinand admits he turned to alcohol for ‘three or four months’ in new documentary about his wife’s death as he reveals ‘extreme guilt’, Mailonline, 21 March 2017

It is not easy being a parent in Singapore, much less being a single parent in Singapore.

You would have to manage your children’s lives by yourself and be responsible for their well-being on most occasions.

It helps in some cases for parents to have shared care and control. However, this happens mainly in cases where parents are able to work together for the welfare of the children.

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