What Sort Of Partners Do Women Want?

What sort of partners do women want?

Female Reddit users were asked to name the “hard to find” quality which attract them and many of them indicated that they would want a man who displays a feminine side. One user indicated that she wanted a straight man who is not scared to be “a little flamboyant”. Another user wants a man who “isn’t afraid to be a little effeminate.”

Others look out for men who are quietly confident and intelligent. Many are also keen on a man who is “willing to wait before having sex for the first time.”

User Scarletwithc1986 is put off by dominant men. She posted: “I see too many men trying to be alpha males. This is the quickest way to tune me out. I’m more interested in the men that aren’t concerned with displays of dominance or posturing. I like to think that I’m the female equivalent.”

Men on the discussion admitted that they have been afraid to show their softer side. User happynomad said: “Seriously, I find it incredibly difficult to find women that allow and support me to embrace my feminine side.”

A 25-year old man who responded said that he enjoys “girly” activities as he grew up with 4 girls. In his own words: “I love having her tweeze my eyebrows, give me a face mask, go shopping, etc. You gotta rock being a little more feminine!”

See: Karen Ruiz, “The ideal boyfriend revealed: Women love ‘quietly confident’ men who WAIT for sex (and detest alpha males)”, Mailonline, 15 December 2016

Personally, I do not that there is a particular type of man which attracts all women- every lady is special in her own way and they look out for different attributes.

However, as a family lawyer in Singapore, I have seen how difficult it is to maintain a successful relationship. It is important for you to understand your partner and for your partner to appreciate you for who you are.

What sort of partners do women want? The best answer to this question may be a man who understands her and appreciates her for who she is.

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